Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I had a really great run tonight despite the fact that I just ran a marathon a few days ago. I expected tired legs and stiffness but was delighted to find that wonderful, free feeling that comes from all the body parts working together brilliantly to drive the whole structure forward at a nice clip. Not one body part missed a step, they all did their jobs well. I should thank them somehow. Thanks Adductor Longus, thanks Gastrocnemius, thanks Calcaneo-plantar nerve. You did great tonight.

Thanks for listening.

(The picture on the left is not me, some parts are way to big and others are way to small to be me..... just wanted to clear that up)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Broken parts

I spent yesterday fixing things outside and inside the house. Some things had been in need of repair for awhile and some, well, Ok, I broke some while trying to fix others. I do that. As I was running to Lowes for the second time that day to get the part I should have bought the first time I was there, I started thinking about the runner's body. Specifically about how the body repairs itself. I was rushing to the store in order to buy a new part for my bathroom sink because there's no way it would repair itself. I could wait as long as I wanted and that valve would still be broken. Not so with the runner's body. As painstakingly slow as the process might be, the body will heal itself if it is ever broken. You can't run to the store and buy a new part for your leg nor do you need to. Give nature time and whatever is wrong will grow back and be just like it was before it broke. (I was going to say "as good as new" there but realized that even nature has limits once you reach my age.) I have no profound point here other than to marvel at the body. This wonderful gift we've all been given is the most amazing machine ever invented.

It's been awhile since I've given an update on my 12 marathons in 12 months goal. I did miss Austin in February because of my foot. My foot did heal (see above) and I was able to run the A2A marathon in March. It was a brutally windy day and, given that the wind was in our face for 20 miles, I did more survival than running. I managed to finish in 4:11 and I also made a new friend which is always better than a PR. Next week I've got the Davey Crockett Bear Chase marathon in Groveton Texas. If you remember, I ran the half there last year and placed 3rd overall. Please try and remember that, here, I'll say it again, 3RD OVERALL! Kinda proud of that one. This year I'm running the full so I don't expect any new bragging rights but it should be fun. After that it's the Oklahoma City Memorial marathon on May 1st!!!! Yea! I love that weekend.

The weather here in central Oklahoma is finally getting warmer (sorry Southbay girl) so I'll be outside more and building up some miles. Yep, things are good in Willie land. I hope they are in your world too.

Thanks for listening.