Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's been while since I've had the desire to write. I don't like forcing these things so I've been waiting until the feeling hit again before I put my fingers to the keys. A lot has happened since the last episode, I've run a few more marathons and have finally gotten back under 4 hours. The weather has gotten warmer too which always makes me happy since I can now get outside and sweat like a runner should.

I'm not sure what clicked to get me back under 4 hours. A few weeks ago my legs started feeling really good on my long runs and my pace just picked up. I had that old feeling of being able to run comfortably for a long time again. That wonderful feeling when you feel like you could pick up the pace all the time. It all came together in the Oklahoma City Memorial marathon in a thunderstorm.

We went to bed with the threat of severe weather the night before the race and woke up a forecast of rain beginning about the time of the start. For once the forecast was correct and it started to rain just before the start of the marathon. The race officials delayed the start 30 minutes to let some lightening clear but the rain just kept coming down. Time to man up and get out there! I didn't feel particularly good or bad at the start so I didn't know what to expect. I knew I would have to have a potty stop at some point because, well, I just knew. That stop came at mile 9 and I was in and out in 2 minutes! My best time ever for a potty stop. New PPR. You can guess what the extra P is for.

After my stop I came out of the porta-potty like superman! I felt GREAT! I immediately got my pace down to an 8:30 and it was fantastic. I clicked off mile after mile at 8:27, 8:30, 8:27, 8:25 etc... All the while it was pouring down rain and thunder was crashing all around. It reminded me of the priest on the golf course from Caddy Shack. I was expecting to be struck by lightening at the finish line.

Luckily I wasn't and I flew to a 3:46 finish. I was freezing and soaked but very, very happy. There was no post-race celebration due to the rain but we got a nice group together at a friend house later that day and told war-stories. All in all, another great OKC marathon.

I've got plans for a race (maybe 2) in Colorado in June and one in Kansas City in August. I'm hoping to keep healthy and happy until then.

Thanks for listening