Monday, March 7, 2011

Tonight, I ran

After 3 weeks of being among the mere mortals of non-runners I rejoined the ranks of the elites again tonight. I ran. Without pain. It felt good. I like short sentences.

I actually re-entered the running community yesterday with the running club's training group. I ran 9 miles early Sunday morning with a few hundred of my closest friends. I don't like to count that run as my first though because I was so timid and babied my foot that I can't really say I ran the good old Willie way. I did that tonight though. It was a nice, full throttle, full force Willie run. I never felt any pain from the foot.

I want to take this moment to commend myself on a injury-well-done. That's right, I'm going to pat myself on the back now so if you are easily disgusted you may want to stop reading this and go ready RBR's blog. I injured myself 3 weeks ago and I actually stopped running for those 3 weeks. Didn't run a step. Nope, nada, nothing for 3 weeks. Did you hear me complain? That's right, I didn't! Well maybe a little but I finally got to the point in my running life where I understand that I'm in this for the long term. I can honestly say that I understood that 3 weeks of non-running is nothing compared to a lifetime of pain-free running. I also understood that letting this foot heal without additional stress would get it better faster. I know right?!?! Look at me go!

Ok, I'm done with my back-patting.

I've got a 25K this Saturday and then it's back to marathoning in 2 weeks with the A2A Race for Mercy in Ardmore Oklahoma. Should be fun!

Thanks for listening.


RBR said...

You can pat your back anytime you like. You know what, you can even pat my back whenever you like. >:)

I know, such a harlot.

Miss you, darlin'. I am glad you are better and hope all is well with you.


Southbaygirl said...

wow you took 3 weeks off and didnt run? what has happened to you? oh wait I think you've grown up....