Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well I know you can't wait to hear about my knee again so I'll get that out of the way early. After taking 10 days off, that was 10 DAYS OFF FROM RUNNING, as in long enough to grow a whole new knee, as in long enough to for metal to grow back! As in, well OK enough, after 10 days off I ran 8 miles Saturday morning. The actual running went great with very little pain in the ITB. I stopped a few times to stretch it and completed the run very happy. After a short break I decided to jog/walk another 6 miles with the group since they were going on. The first step of running after the rest break was extremely painful. The second was worse. The third really sucked. Number 4 through 100 convinced me to stop and walk for awhile. It never got better.

So here we are. 13 days 10 hours and 1 minute until The San Francisco Marathon. I'm on the couch with an icepack on my leg. It hurts to walk sometimes.

On the plus side the activities of yesterday numbed my inhibitions enough that I was able to go spend a large sum of money on NEW RUNNING SHOES! That's right, I hit the crack dealer for some retail theorpy. It worked too. This was an awesome score.Brooks Trance. My dealer says they are mid-way between the Adrenalines that I wear now and the Infiniti's that I loved a few shoes back. They are 1 oz. lighter than the Adrenalines and that is what convinced me. I think he may have mentioned something about how these shoes cure ITB issues faster than any other shoe too but I may have misunderstood.

I'm heading out on the road for a few weeks tomorrow. I plan to hit the gyms in the hotels where I'll be staying and try to work my core over the next 2 weeks. A friend recommended pool running so I may try that too. Hate to get my new shoes wet though.

My friends you are all doing great and I'm proud as ever to sorta know you. Keep up the great work and be sure to write all about it. I'll send some pictures from the road.

So Sara has been asking questions lately and I love them so I thought of one myself. Others will always define you and form an image of you based on what they see/hear/think. I think it's OK to care about this but I also think it's more important to define yourself in your own eyes. You know the thoughts/dreams/hopes/desires/fears in your head better than anyone. So here's the question and it's simple:

Who are you? How do you see yourself?

Thank for listening


Reese said...

Good to see you're back. All I can say is I prayed to the running gods before my last marathon to get me through with no ITB problems and my prayers were answered.
I'm going to have to go get a shoe fix soon myself.
Just for fun, click on the wheelchair next to the word verification. Who is this for? If you can't read the blog, what good is an audio verification?

Southbay Girl said...

I just ordered new shoes! i have to order mine since my feet are so big!

What fun places are you visiting on this trip?

Sorry your knee is sucking ass! But come on silly boy, you ran * on it and then thought you could add another 6 after 10 days need to say anything else!

I see myself as a freak! One of those crazy pet people freaks who loves to get up early and run...yeah that's me

RBR said...

10 whole days. Wow. Your restraint is wholly unprecedented.

"...long enough for metal to grow back" that one was a classic my friend.

2 weeks to SF WOO HOO!!

cath said...

congrats for running and...sadness for the ongoing itb bollocks! New shoes huh? must be going around, Im gunna get some too, (too many fallen toenails..ewwww). Have a good break? life is long, itb band bollocks are relatively short...yep, im trying to be encouraging and helpful...

Terri said...

Nice shoes, Willie! I wear Adrenalines, but my latest pair is kind of annoying me so maybe it's time for a change when they wear out. My husband'd kill me if I bought yet another pair right now. just as shoes are crack to you,gear is crack to me. :-)

Sorry to hear the ITB stuff is kicking up again!