Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Completed my second run tonight after a long layoff to let my hamstring heal. The first run, yesterday, was short and really nothing more than a trial run to make sure nothing hurt or fell off. Today's run, however, was a full-blown 6 miles. It was fantabulous! Adi ran with me for the first mile so I got to show off my super mega hot girlfriend to all the neighbors. Oh yeah that's right, she's running with me! Check me out.
I ran down to the Oklahoma City National Memorial which is one of my favorite routes. I live just north of the city so running down to the Memorial takes me through some beautiful rolling hills and multi-million dollar homes, then dumps me out into midtown where it seems everything is being built, and then you end up on the edge of downtown. It's a good mix of residential and urban sprawl. The Memorial itself is just beautiful and seems to beg people to run around it. Maybe that's just me.
I got a nose full of spring too! I smelled cut grass, gas powered weed eater exhaust, road tar from road construction, baking bread from the bread factory, and beer from the midtown bar patios. It was awesome.
It was 74 degrees tonight. I love spring!

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