Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An easy week

Sitting here tonight with The Little One watching Ice Age and pondering the mysteries of life. OK, so really I'm mind-numb, a total vegetable, drinking a nice glass of fine Kentucky Whisky, and basically wasting oxygen.

This may be the bizzaro-SaratheQueen or JenZen blog tonight. Their blogs are full of all kinds of exercise and proper dieting. Mine is full of kid's movies and alcohol. I'm providing balance in this world I guess.

I ran 16 miles on the hills Saturday and ran another 3 easy miles with The Big One on Tuesday. I took the week off from my normal Tuesday speedwork. I figured I needed an easy week. No real reason, just figured. I do that sometimes, figure that is. Anyho, my normal weekly running partners are not running this week so I may be on my own tomorrow for tomorrow night's run around the lake. I enjoy my own company but sometimes I bore myself and it's hard to keep running with someone that doesn't interest you that much. Know what I mean?

The plans for this weekend are developing everyday. It seems everyone in our running group has different ideas about what to run this weekend. It may have something to do with different training goals. It could be that they are just trying to confuse me so much that there is a small likelihood I will be able to find any one group come Saturday morning. Maybe I don't just bore myself is what I'm trying to say. Hmmm, maybe I'll go get me some personality before the Saturday. I bet Wal-Mart sells it. I think we are running 10 miles early Saturday morning. Then there is an 8K race at the lake. After that there is a {cough, cough} trail run {end cough cough} just north of the lake. Yes, I'm considering a trail run. My knees hurt already. Why would I do this? They have beer and donuts. BEER and DONUTS. It's called the Green People run and it's for some environmental charity. You can run as many laps of a 3 mile trail that you want and I'm assured there is plenty of BEER and DONUTS after each lap. So my question is (not uttered, of course) why would anyone run more than 1 lap?

My biggest challenge right now is not running but sleep. I am really struggling with insomnia for some reason. I just can't sleep lately and I'm not a good tired person. I know I'm weird but I just don't perform well when I haven't slept. Weird I know. I would give anything to lose 8-10 hours of my life in utter-unconsciousness. Not going to happen anytime soon though I fear.

I'm rambling.

I registered for San Francisco on Monday though! The 15th was the last day to register and get your name put on your bib. I realized this at about 1 AM as I was NOT sleeping. Go insomnia! Woo-hoo! Saved me about $20. Now if I get my flight booked I'll be set. I'm really excited about San Francisco because I'm going to see so many of you wonderful blog-people. I love blog people. They're the best. Only problem is that I'm much more verbose and interesting in pixels than I am in real life. I do enjoy embarrassing myself though so it's never a total loss.

Still rambling.

Nah, I'm done.

Thanks for listening


Sarah said...

I'm sorry you're not sleeping, Willie. That sure doesn't make the day look very rosey, does it? Do you have something on your mind? Stressed about something and that's keeping you up?

You're going to run San Fran!? Sweet!! I'm so jealous! It looks beautiful out there. Did you decide if you're going to do New Orleans? I hope so.

Thanks for all the sweet comments this week. You sure know how to brighten a gal's day.

cath said...

sounds like a good week to for insomnia...does not whiskey work..failing that...meditation...failing that...sambuca..lots of it.
ice age is a cool dvd, i have on/off watched it about amazez me how kids can watch the same thing over and over..
have a good week

JenZen said...

Interesting that you use the word "bizzaro" in the same sentence as JenZen. Coincidence? I think not.

So sorry you're not sleeping. I do NOT do well on little sleep. My body just shuts down. I hope you find some peace and are able to hit a deep REM soon!

I've never tried a trail run. Sounds tough. But beer AND donuts??? mmmm.....

Southbay Girl said...

Beer and donuts after a glorious trail run?? Sounds like HEAVEN to me! Do it!!! You'll get hooked!

Insomnia sucks! I had it bad after the ex walked out on me! I got a prescription for Ambien-wholly shit it works! But don't drink on it and plan on sleeping 8 hours! But it is good stuff!! Try it! Some people say they feel like they are a bit hungover when they wake up though!! Stress over something will do it though!

San Fran! YIPPEE!!! I'll be there with bells and whistles on!! When do u fly in?? Where are you staying??

You need a good Islay Single Malt! Try Bowmore first!

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl said...

Alien on the Run,, from Caracas, is running San Fran too - you should read his blog, although I think he's been super busy with school lately. But when he's blogging, he's really blogging!

Sorry to hear about the sleep deficit, I've gone through those bouts too.

Now, for a really important question - would you recommend Ice Age? It looks funny!