Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing my part

The plan was to run 16 miles on Saturday and I ran most of it pretty well. Most of it.

We met at 0(my God it's early)5:30 in the morning to avoid the heat and to get some miles in before the others in the group showed up to run some shorter distances. We met out in Piedmont Oklahoma which is just west of my glorious Edmond but much more rural. We ran mostly on gravel roads and even some good-old-Oklahoma Red Dirt. I find myself falling more in love with this state every time I discover some of it's distinctiveness. Anyway, I ran very well mostly in the low 8's and some 7's for 11 miles. We stopped for water and to contribute to the welfare of some native trees along the road (we're guys, we can do that) at mile 11 and I just could get going again. My buddy says we spent 5 minutes on that stop but I don't remember it being that long. I guess the heat and the long break got to me and I just dropped my mental edge for a moment, took too long a break and couldn't get it back. I walked most of the last 5 miles and just enjoyed the wonderful Oklahoma countryside. I'm somewhat concerned that I couldn't keep my focus for more than 11 miles but only moderately because I had a lot going against me with the heat and fatigue. Get these tough runs in now in the extreme heat and 60-70's in Tulsa this fall will feel like a cake-walk. That's the theory anyway.

San Francisco is coming up soon. I can't wait! I absolutely love this race and the city. I don't know why but it just embodies everything I love about the marathon event. The city is big and exciting, the expo is down in the heart of the city and is an event in and of it's self, race morning is awesome with so many marathoners to meet and be around, the race itself is beautiful, GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, that says it all! You get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge! Did I mention the bridge yet? OK, well it's freaking awesome.

Oh and RBR, Southbaygirl, and a bunch of crazy Oklahomans will be there this year too! I get to see RBR and Southbaygirl again! Yes, I'm bragging and gloating. It is a privilege to know these people and to meet them. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realize that a minuscule little peon of a man like me from nowhere West Virginia actually has friends all over this country who don't mind being seen with him! Last year we had the whole RBR crew (she has the greatest support crew EVER! They're crazy, but dedicated to each other and that's awesome) and Calyx and Donna. We had a ball after the marathon and it was a highlight of my life to meet them. This year we'll miss Calyx and Donna but I'm so happy Southbaygirl will make it up. There will be Starbucks, beer, sourdough, and oh yes, running. There will be running.

Think about this blogging thing we do for a minute. Actually think about where you'd be if you hadn't taken that giant leap one day and decided to put your life and thoughts out there for the world to see. I like to write about living life to the fullest and trying to experience everything you possibly can in this life, but I never could have imagined all the experiences and friends I'd have just because I wrote some garbled lines of hodge-podge one day. AND THAT'S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT LIFE! You can't imagine where the things in your life will take you. Take a wrong turn one day, say hello to a stranger, go somewhere you've never been, dial a wrong number, you never know what could come of these little events that we so often treat as annoyances. Serendipity! There are no accidents, we just need to see our lives as bigger than the last 10 minutes and the next 5. Each individual living their own desires, goals and dreams build this wonderfully elaborate system that is so complex on the large scale but yet so simple at it's lowest level. I love it. I love it. I love it. Try telling yourself that over and over. I LOVE THIS LIFE! A butterfly's wing beat in China causes a hurricane in the Atlantic! That's us! We're the butterfly! We're a part of something so much bigger than ourselves even if we were never to leave your houses, but what a shame that would be! To have a part of the most complex system ever devised and not indulge yourself in making your impact meaningful in some way is criminal.

Whew, there take that! Now the ushers will pass around the plate. We're happy to have the money that jingles but really need the kind that folds! (Bonus points if you know what movie that's from!)

Sorry for the preaching but I'm on an emotional roller coaster lately and I want to share the highs as a way to stave off the lows. Accentuate the positive right? I'm trying that theory on to see how it fits. We'll see.

Happy running to all of you wonderful people all over the world. Run fearless.

Thanks for listening.


Southbay Girl said...

I too, am looking forward to seeing you again-this time in my favorite city!!! I LOVE San Fran! I'm going to try to get on an earlier flight on the saturday and possibly a later flight back on the sunday. let me knwo where you guys have decided to stay!!

Reese said...

Wow, is that a "Coming to America" quote?

cath said...

umm..isnt 16miles something like...30k or more? (as you can see Im not good with numbers...., sounds like a marathon effort to me. The more we get 'out there', the smaller the world gets huh?..Its just one big village really...Thanks for sharing the love!