Sunday, August 9, 2009

16 Miles for a start

I took a step today on my Back to Basics journey. I set aside this morning for nothing but running and it was fabulous. I had the opportunity to run around Lake Draper which has some pretty good hills, which made the run t much better.

I set out around 8:30 which allowed the sun to get really high and hot. Gotta have my sun, sorry Southbaygirl. The first few miles were just amazing. It was quiet, no traffic, and I was running down the middle of the road trying to save the ITBs. I left the Ipod at home so I could let my mind wander. I was really trying to get back in touch with that wonderful old feeling I used to get on Sunday afternoons when I started running. The road twisted and turned and I kept running, just running. My new shoes were doing fine and I was really enjoying their extra cushioning and lighter weight. I loved that I noticed that too. I realized that I had gotten so caught up in other aspects of running that I hadn't thought about my shoes in awhile. I was missing the little things about running that used to give me so much joy. Little things.

I took Paula with me but I didn't pay much attention to her. I was running totally on feeling. I wanted that time on my feet more than I wanted any special time on my watch.

I made it about 8 miles before I started to feel the heat and really start to suffer. I slowed a bit and even walked a little. I was half-way into the run and struggling. This time, though, I refused to get that defeated feeling. Struggling is something I used to do all the time. I've become arrogant enough now, I guess, that I don't expect to feel that way ever! How did I ever get that far gone? I have this bloated self-image that I'm something better than that, like I should never feel tired. Not this time, I accepted my fatigue and even embraced it a litte as a way of getting pasted it. No more denying it can happen.

After a short while I was running again. Running slowly but running none the less. I made it to the turn where the hills began and took a short break. I was pretty beat up and really sun burned. I decided that on these last 3 miles I would run the hills hard and walk the downhills and flat sections. I had run a good 12 miles of easy distance which was enough. Now I'd finish it off with some good hill work and then take the old bones to the house for an ice-bath.

The hills were marvelous! The heat was killing me so I decided to jog the downs and flats just so I could get done sooner. This made for an intense last 3 miles which was the perfect way to cap off this run.

Now here's a little more of that arrogance coming through again. I only did 16 miles and it took me 3 hours so WHY AM I COMPLETELY DEAD? I feel like I've run 2 marathons and then been run over by a truck! Am I that out of shape? I suppose I am and I need to accept it. I must learn to accept my position in regards to training (and other things) and not fool myself into thinking I'm better than I really am. I can do it now that I recognize it for what it is.

You guys and gals keep up the good training. I'm trying to keep up with all your wonderful adventures and successes, sorry if I don't comment all the time but know that I'm giving you a silent WAY TO GO in my heart!

Thanks for listening


Meg Runs said...

Very thoughtful post, thanks for sharing!

Reese said...

You must have run past the usual turn to get 16 miles at Draper. Sounds like a great training run.

cath said...

16 miles sounds like a good distance to feel like crap to me...maybe you've been on such a good momentum you have forgotten that there is always a 'low''ve just gotta take the lows with the highs..Im sorry, but thats llife.
Keep running...simplicity is a cool thing to focus on...

Southbay Girl said...

just the fact that you started a 16 mile run that late makes me want to die....and that you ran 16 miles in the heat....WOW! I think you're amazing! I would have died!!

Anonymous said...


I have a running buddy in Tulsa who is needing advice on ITB. I immediately thought of you.

Clark said...

Dude, wow...16 miles...that's incredible! I can't wait until I can get to that point; it seems like such a long way off right now.

Terri said...

I'm thinking that you feel so beat up because of the sun and heat you ran in. And maybe you didn't eat enough afterward? Or drink enough? that usually does it to me.

glad you could get back to running just for the love of it. there are definitely days I don't really look at the Garmin either and those are usually my best days.