Friday, August 14, 2009

A Fine Evening

I'm writing on my phone so please forgive my thumbs if the stumble on
these tiny keys.

It's a beautiful evening here in fabulous Oklahoma and I'm sitting on
a bench watching the sun kiss the horizon. The Little One is playing
with some new friends he just met on the playground and The Big One is
out riding my bike getting used to the gears because HE'S DOING A

That's right, my boy is going to do another Tri. He's really excited.
This one is an open water swim which he practiced last week and was
great at and he get's to use my bike which will be a big improvement
over his last Tri where he used his mountain bike. He's been running
with the High School (Yes I have a High Schooler now, and yes I feel
horribly old!) cross country team so he should make the run alright.

I'll be there to provide cheering and much embarrasment which is my
role as his adoring father. I was tempted to do it with him but fought
the urge. This will be his moment and his glory. He deserves to have
it all to himself. I'm going to try my best to avoid the advice giving
and guiding as much as possible and let him be in control. I really
want him to experience this on his terms, his triumphs, his mistakes,
his highs, his lows. I want this to be as hard as possible and I want
him to overcome it and feel that amazing feeling of self realization
that comes from it.

We are all flawed in this life and striving and overcoming is a
wonderful way to fall in love with ourselves again and forget those
flaws for awhile. We all deserve to have the opportunity to achieve
something on our own, screwed up, terms.

Can't wait to write the race report!

Thanks for listening

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Southbay Girl said...

How very exciting that he's doing another Tri!!! I'm sure you will be an awesome papa!!! Enjoy it!!!!

Meg Runs said...

Very sweet husband always says that we need to let our kids "run their own race!" They can claim it as their own and feel like "they" did it and you know what? That relates to everything they do in their lives.
Soak it up, have fun, congratulations on motivating your son to have fun!

JenZen said...

That's so awesome!! You are such a great Dad letting him find his own way while encouraging him the whole time. Best of luck to him today!!

cath said...

looking forward to hearing his race report! I love it when the kids take on the joy-bug! What ever challenge that may be...

Terri said...

I'm impressed you typed that much from your phone! Glad that you and your son both enjoy running so much.