Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Steak Running

I want to start this post off by saying thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I was a bit surprised that everyone feels I am being hard on myself. I really don't think I am. Not at all really. I do know that my postings of late have been on the down side and I will try and work on that but, to be honest, I don't think I'm hard enough on myself most of the time. I get off so easy with me. I'm a pushover. Geesh guys, get on my case! (get it, I said get ON my case, that's funny... laugh!)


I like steak and it turns out steak like me! Being the analytical type that I am I recently engaged in a study to find the best pre-run meal. Using a disciplined, scientific approach, I experimented with different foods before each of my last weekly long runs. I gathered the data, compiled it, and developed the highly technical equation below
(The above statements are total CRAP! I just ate a steak last night and had a great run this morning. Probably won't even remember to try it again next week given my recent ADD diagnosis.)

Steak == Good Run

Now I know you lay persons won't understand that but I wanted to get it published quickly before someone like Hawkins gets to it first.


I ran today! I ran 17 miles this morning and it was wonderful. It was sunny and hot and I ran with reckless abandon. I ran 2 laps of Lake Overholser and the first one was smokin! I knew I had another lap to go but I didn't care. I felt good so I went for it. I have absolutely no idea how fast I went because Paula wouldn't get out of bed this morning, wouldn't even try to turn on. Guess I forgot to charge her last night. I honestly think that I ran better because I DIDN'T wear her. Sometimes it's good for Willie to just go run without worrying about pace.

After the run I met up with some good friends and ate massive amounts of breakfast food and drank gallons of coffee.

So after all my griping yesterday I actually did get my long run in for the week. Geesh Willie, get off your case. (Get it, I told myself to get off my own case, that's funny again... Laugh!)

Thanks for listening.


Southbay Girl said...

I know you were flying on your 17!! Speedy Gonzales!!

Steak...hmmmm that doesn't work very well for a vegetarian.....

I'm glad you don't think you are hard on yourself...I think...get over it-you rock as a runner!! You rock as a person and you rock as a dad!

Meg Runs said...

Yeah, great job. I had steak tonight...maybe I'll be super woman tomorrow. Great comment from your daughter've done very well!!
Stay strong!

cath said...

great flying run...errr..not sure about the animal fuel...(from a person that wont even drink milk..)
Paula dosn't sound very motivated? maybe she needs to read a good motivation book?....

Terri said...

Um, wow, you ran that far after having red meat? That I definitely cannot do. I've found my long runs or any run for that matter, usually sucks, the day after a meal like that.

And yes, Willie, you are too hard on yourself. honestly.