Sunday, September 6, 2009

My weekly summary

Is there some aspect of hurting that Barry Manilow didn't write a song about?

My wonderful week of running took a nose dive.

I did some biking on Monday, about 16 miles.

I ran speedwork on Tuesday, 3, 1 mile repeats with a mile jog in between. My best was a 6:38 which is a little slow but we were on a trail and not the track. (tracks are bad now BTW, hurt my ITB. Bad track! Bad, bad, bad. In the category with trails now. Both are dead to me!!!)

Wednesday I ran another 6 easy miles on some hills. I was really sore and tight from the speedwork so I struggled.

Thursday I was supposed to run around my beloved Lake Hefner. I only made 6 miles again because I was REALLY tight and sore. Hmmm, that sounds familiar! Wish there was something you could do about being tight. Really wish someone would invent something to STRETCH your muscles. Maybe they could even call it STRETCHING. Gee, that would be such a great idea.

Friday I rested.

Saturday I ran 3 miles at Hefner and then rode the bike from Norman back to OKC. It's about 18 miles and it was really fun. Lot's 'o hills! Quads weren't happy but they are whiners by nature.

So that brings us to Sunday, boys and girls! That wonderful day when we all run long and get reacquainted with those endorphin thingys we all love so much. Yea buddy, Sunday's are GREAT! Great days those Sundays!

Wanna know what I did today, Sunday?


Well, I slept a lot, and that is something I guess.

No long run.

Total distraction for a moment
Sweet Caroline just came on Pandora Radio!!! What a great sing-along-song!!! Sorry, have to take a break and sing it.... That song just makes me feel good!

Ok, I'm back. So yea, no long run today but it's a 3 day weekend so I've got tomorrow.

Tomorrow always holds hope. I can do anything...... tomorrow. It's the one thing I haven't screwed up...... yet.

Thanks for listening.


Terri said...

Dude, I LOVE the new look to your blog - absolutely awesome photo at the very top! Wow!

And cut yourself some slack this weekend, it's a holiday after all! :-)

Meg Runs said...

I think you have your priorities in order...
resting before running
singing before blogging.
Sounds you're a sound easy on yourself!
Nice BLOG changes! Love the colors.

Southbay Girl said...

i love the new this a blogspot layout???

You know-I hate to say it-but maybe you need a week to rest your aching body!! Your ITB, your quads etc....I know-you hate rest and it's not good for your head...I understand that COMPLETELY but you know what i've found.....i haven't been running on the days I've worked and I feel fantastic the day I run! REST!

Of course I think I start full time again on tuesday, so this not running when working shit will soon come to a screeching halt!!

Please don't be so hard on yourself!! PLEASE!! I know you need to run right now, but rest and recovery are also good-especially when you have some races coming up!!

cath said...

I bet that's you in the top photo...leaping over the dunes..
good luck with the long run tomorrow...but tonight have some wine, listen to all that sappy music and live in the moment. It always get better...