Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've lost it

It's gone. I have no idea when or where it went but it's most definitely gone.

I'm talking about my writing. Both the desire and the ability seem to have left me. I still love running and I have many things I could write about but every time I sit down to put my screwball thoughts into pixels the words just don't come. There was a time when the words came easy and I had trouble picking one topic to dance out on the keyboard. Now that dancing has turned to simple walking and there is no feeling in the pixels.

Maybe it'll be back or maybe I'll find it somewhere along the road. For now it's enough just to keep up the experiences even if I can't get them out to the few of you who still read this blog.

Keep running strong and keep a smile on your face.

Thanks for listening


cath said...

gosh Willie! It's just a 'phase'. You will feel it again one day. YOu will write. In the mean time..enjoy running.

Terri said...

They say to get back into writing, you have to push on through. I've been through the weeks where I've not written a goddamn thing on my blog, and then I'll sit there and have so much to write about that I'm writing posts in advance. So don't worry, it will come back.

What about writing different forms than what you normally do?

Like if you normally blog, then writing in a journal? or writing poems, silly or not?

or short stories? it doesn't matter if anyone else sees it either.

I agree with Cath's comment above, it'll come back.