Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me, talking

Hello blog world. What's happening out there?

Not much here, after a few great weeks of good runs I'm having a light one this week. The weather and other commitments have kept me from running a lot this week. Amazingly I have accepted this very well. I'm only mildly more insane than I was before I started this week. Look at me go!

The Austin marathon is next weekend. If I remember correctly a marathon is 26.2 miles of running. Wow that's a long way! Anyone ever run that far before? Could really use some pointers. Do they give you a bike or something in the middle? Hope there's a Starbucks on the course.

I have another confession to make to you. I do this because we are so close and personal. This relationship of ours is the only kind I'm really good at so I'm trying to nurture it with communication. Ok, back to the confession, this is tough for me. Whew, here goes.... I like Nicholas Spark's novels. There I said it! I feel so much better. Did you see that they made a movie out of Dear John? That is one of my favorites too! Gotta see it soon.

I'm rambling now (actually from the beginning) so I'm going to stop and watch The Office. You guys and gals stay classy.

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Nicholas Sparks? I love you even more for confessing that. Good luck in Austin. Keep Austin weird for me, ok? :D

Terri said...

I like Nicholas Sparks books too, so you're not alone. We'll bond in cheesiness!