Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just when things are going well....

A mild ache in my right thigh turned into a screaming pain along my entire inner thigh tonight. THIS SUCKS! I am feeling great, I have a brand-spanking new marathon training plan which I followed for a whole week, and now something hurts. Went out for a 6 mile speedworkout tonight and made it a mile before I gave in and turned around. I am trying to stay positive; I have 13 weeks to the marathon so I should fix this now and not let it linger. Lot's of ice, rest and my new adventure......... Pilates!

That's right, I am going to start Pilates so I can strengthen my core (first I have to find it). After my disappointing run tonight I came home and fired up the DVD to start my new found pain-inducing routine. The cute blond was nice enough at first, but then she turned ugly. Why do we have to do 10 reps of the things that hurt and only 3 reps of the things I like! Oh, and she was able to talk and give "encouragement" while doing the "twist-yourself-in-half-and-lift-your-right-leg-and-cough" torture manuever! I am now firmly against the water-boarding technique because I think I did it at some point tonight. This s**t hurts! I found myself thinking that I wanted to take this little blond out for a 20 mile run in July and see how she does... Yea take that! Not so easy is it! I might have a weak core but I can run your core into the ground buddy!

Ok so Pilates didn't go so well at first. It really was a good workout and I am sure it will benefit my running. Now if I can only get this leg healed quickly so I can reap the benefits.

Just so I don't leave you on a down beat I'll mention that my son ran with me tonight. YEA! He is 13 and wants to run cross-country next year. He really ran well tonight making it 2 miles in much less pain than me. Maybe I won't lose touch with him during those dreaded teenage years after all! Let's hope

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

Woo Hoo Willie is doing Pilates! You will LOVE it! And yes having now done pilates for a month, my core is so much stronger and it's such an amazing workout! I recommend finding a class. I've tried the dvd's but it's just not the same as being in a class having thet blonde chick screaming at you-ok they don't scream in pilates but i agree you do want ot take them out on a long run so that they suffer doing something since they've put you thru pain! ha!!!

I'm sorry your leg hurts-that sucks but you do have quite a bit of time before the OKC marathon! And it's not like you haven't putting the mileage in....maybe you should try my wonderful chinese linament that I LOVE!! I'm a true believer in chinese medicine and I swear this stuff really helped my broken foot heal years ago..and it's great for muscle pains and aches!! I used it on my useless calf this week-my calf feels great!! It's called Zheng Gu Shui. I buy it eiother in chinatown or some Whole Foods carry it-beware it's smelly!!!! And don't get it close to your eyes!

Good for your son running with you! Anytime you can get a teenager out it's a huge accomplishment!


Willie said...

I will absolutely try this out. Finding it may be my problem. I am traveling to L.A. on business in a week or two (beach running in Janurary!!), maybe I'll try and get to chinatown and pick some up. Thanks for the help.

PKPWV said...

Willie-your comment made me smile-thank you very much! It's been a very hard 5 months for me-so it was really nice to smile. If you're coming to LA you can find my chinese linament in some Whole Food stores. And as for running on the beach-if you can, you must head down to manhattan, hermosa and /or redondo beaches for a run along the strand! it's beautiful and there is loads to do! I don't know where you might be staying but it would be worth the drive-of course running along the bike path in venice can be very entertaining! And then further north running thru santa monica is nice as well. i'm a southbay girl so anything south of the airport is my area!

Willie-thank you!!!

And your words wouldn't have floated in the nether regions of the internet!

PKPWV said...

I should really proof read my comments-loads of mistakes-wow!!

PKPWV said...

That must be the mariott that overlooks the airport? You'd be running south thru el segundo first then under the flight path of the airport along the beach then you hit Manhattan beach first-blue street signs, then Hermosa Beach-brown street signs and then finally Redondo Beach-I lived in Hermosa for 8 years-I know the area very well! Yeah it's expensive!

I'm not normally up at this hour-my neighbor, who has a heart condition, called 911 and the paramedics and fire dept were here-so I've been outside. Scary