Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ice on the road, Ice on the leg

My right thigh was really hurting today. I am really fighting off a screaming, kicking, temper tantram over this injury. This began as a mild ache about 2 weeks before the Disney marathon. I didn't run any significant miles for those 2 weeks for fear of having problems in the race. During the marathon I didn't feel it at all. I took it easy for the week following the marathon and still had no pain. At some point the mild ache began again and it built into the full out pain it is now. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE INJURED! I should be logging quality miles now. My running club has begun the weekend long runs again and it looks like I will have to skip this weekends gathering. That pisses me off! OK Willie, get control, breath..... breath.... take a time out.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. So in Oklahoma I am learning that we get more ice than snow but it is still pretty to see the ground covered. The ice really sucks and some of the drivers seem to lose their minds when their tires slip a little.

What's a runner to do when there is ice on the ground and ice on his leg? Go shoe shopping! I am due for another hit on the old shoe store crack pipe so I let myself go today. Running stores are a dangerous place for me and I have a dealer around the corner that has financed an empire on what I spend in his store. I tried on the Brooks Adrenaline 8, Ohhhh that's nice! I also tried the Asics 2330, Uhhhh even better. Can I try a hit of those Brooks Trance 7's?? Oh your so good to me! Stock up on som Gu for those long runs, check out the selection of shorts and tank-tops while dreaming of hot summer treks along the lake and I'm good for a few weeks. My only problem is which shoes to go with. Any suggestions? I am in Brooks now and liked them at first but the fit seemed to change after a few hundred miles and not they don't feel right. I had some Asics before this and they fit like a glove but I was unsure about the support they were giving me. If anyone has suggestions (of course you do, what runner doesn't have an opinion about shoes!) I would love to hear them.

Pilates kicked my butt again tonight. I did the whole routine and am beginning to like the blond again. She seemed nicer tonight, I must have gotten to her last night. We'll have to see how our third date goes, I think that's the reconing point of any relationship. B.T.W. my dog Missy decided to do them with me tonight. She enjoyed laying on my neck and licking my face as I suffered but I think she got a good workout anyway.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

Oh my god I laughed-Willie you are quite a writer. And it's nice to hear that you're back to liking the blonde pilates instructor!! Maybe third time is a charm!!!
I can completely relate to the doggie kisses while you're working out-oh my god. the moment I get on the floor to do anything my entire animal household is on me...look mom is down at our level! Woo Hoo!

As for shoes-I run is Asics Gel Nimbus and have for years! I love them-but that's me. I have a very long skinny foot for a girl-size 12-so Asics has been the only shoe that has fit me nicely-Years ago I ran in Nike's but they widened their toe box and after that-no! The Gel nimbus is a neutral shoe-I run with orthotics-so it's been the best choice for me. And now that the prolotheraphy is helping my foot-the running is even better! Got 4.15 miles in today with the pooch!

I'm very sorry you're having all these issues with your leg. Brr...the slight thought of ice makes me shiver-you could always jump in an ice bath??? or not??? Did you see if you could buy my chinese linament online?

I officially registered today for the Nashville Half Marathon in April-that should guarantee that I get work! ha ha!!

PKPWV said...

Nashville is a great city-that's where I grew up. And I've always wanted to run a long race there-the half it is since I'm not quite up to marathon running yet!! Check it out. It's a nice route too-all near the neighborhoods I was will be like running around the neighborhood!

PKPWV said...

It's COLD here right now!! In the 50's but chilly-desert cold!! I don't think it will be in the 70's when you come out...sorry. if I could change that hmmm I don't think I would because I like it the way it is right now-it's a SEASON!!!

Love my dog! Cattle dogs ROCK! I'll always get a herding dog! Amazing dogs. I can't believe it only took your dog 2 days! Border Collies are unbelievable! We go sheep herding so we see them in action-WOW is all I can say!!

I haven't run today-ran errands made work calls-ha ha! and now it's dark and I may have a glass of wine!!