Saturday, February 2, 2008

New shoes!!

Elite Feet (my shoe dealer) called this morning and said they received their new order of Brooks today. I love them, they know just how to get to a guy. I was in the middle of my Pilates workout, contemplating how much fun I had missed this morning running hills with the OKC Landrunners when I got the call. I may have hurt one of the children as I raced out the door but they should have known not to get between me and a new pair of running shoes! I will add that to the list of things to inform their psychiatrist of when they (inevitably) go to counseling to fix all the problems I put in their heads during my attempts to keep them alive until maturity. I spent the next hour trying on the Brooks Adrenaline 8, the Brooks Infiniti (just released!), and the Asics 2130. I took my orthotics and my favorite socks just to be sure I gave them all a fair opportunity to impress me. In the end I went with the Brook Adrenaline 8 (shown above attached to my winter-shade of bleached white ankle). I got them home and they seem to be settling in nicely. I made a special place for them in my closet so they would be too scared at first. I haven't introduced them to their predecessors yet, will have to take that slowly to make sure they don't get rejected.

I have been icing my leg every night and massaging it with my roller. It seems to be feeling better so maybe I can get over this in another week. I am considering seeing a doctor so that he can refer me to a physical terrorist. Maybe that would speed up the recovery also. The Pilates are going well, I am actually starting to look forward to them now. I found another video that is more basic Pilates without the extra dance moves that Blondy was adding. I tried to make it work with her but I have always felt a good relationship should come naturally at first. You shouldn't have to work at it until you've been together awhile. Maybe I am becoming a commitment phoebe but I just think I need more from my Pilates instructor.

Took my son with me to the shoe store and got him some Brooks Adrenaline 7's that were on sale. He immediately took them home and ran a mile in them (he just doesn't understand how to treat shoes). More encouragement that maybe I can salvage a relationship yet.

The weather is wonderful today, sun is out in force with little to no wind. Can't wait to get back on the roads. Maybe next week.

Thanks for listening

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PKPWV said...

Nice new shoes!!! Come on be like your son-get them dirty!!!

I can't believe you've given up on the blonde pilates instructor!!! She must be absolutely devastated!!! It must have been the dance moves!

So I registered for my favorite race today-I'm a little bummed, Velcro can't run it with me. As a matter of fact I'm horrified I wont have my running partner! They went to chip timing for the first time this year and have put a no dog policy on the race....I's so bummed. it went from being a fun, neighborhood race to a fancy shindig. What next!!!??? I'm taking her in the car anyway. if I see someone with a dog I'm running with her!