Sunday, February 3, 2008

I ran today!!!

After my Pilates workout this morning I just couldn't help but try out the new shoes. My son talked me into running around the block, about 1 1/2 miles. The first step I took hurt my thigh but I shortened my stride and the pain subdued somewhat. It was nice to get out and use the legs again and the weather was PERFECT! Almost 60 degrees and no wind. Sun is shining down and I wish I could do more miles. I am home now with my leg on ice and listening to Phedippidations, Steve Runner's wonderful weekly podcast. I am also anxiously waiting to hear how Southbay Girl did in her Super Bowl 10K today.

The new shoes were great and my feet seem to like them. I am feeling the usual aches in my feet that occur as they get snuggled into their new home but nothing major. This injury may help me ease into these new shoes. In the past I have always taken new shoes out for a long run and felt the pain of blisters and sore feet because of this early over-use. (I'm trying to find some good in this!).

My son ran well with me today. I signed up for next weekend's Frigid Five race today and he wanted to do it with me. I thought about it and felt that 5 miles was probably too much for a novice, 13 year old runner, to tackle as he is just beginning.

Go Southbay Girl!! and Thanks for listening

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PKPWV said...

Woo Hoo Willie ran!!! Thanks for checking on my progress and for sending out those good thoughts! I got them as I was trudging along in the wind and rain and loving every minute of it!!!

I think it's awesome that your son is getting into running and wants to run that race-you could enter and run half of it? Or maybe you could relay it?

How did your leg feel today after your short run yesterday??? Hopefully not too bad.

I head to prolotheraphy today-yeah needles stuck in my foot!!! So I have to get a short run in today before I go since I'm not supposed to run on it tomorrow....

Thanks for the well wishes you sent yesterday!!!