Wednesday, February 20, 2008

California or Bust

Well here I am jetting across the southwest on my way to LA. Early morning flights are great heading west because you are chasing the moon and racing the sun. Right now I have a great view of a bright moon and if I look back I can just see the sun beginning to rise above the horizon. I wish you could see it. If you’re a romantic with your head in the clouds like me you would be searching for some significance to events like this. The logically engineer in me is saying that this happens everyday and I’m just not here to see it. But isn’t that the point of most events in life, being there. Remember how hard it was to get off the couch and head out for that first run. The effort put forth in that run probably doesn’t compare to the effort needed just to get you out there to do it. Being there is the most important thing. Does the sunset still happen if you don’t see it? Yes but isn’t it so much better when you do get to see it and make a memory?

My flight attendant on this flight, Tracy (Tre), is from Colorado. I got to know her as she brought me my 5th cup of coffee. She is extremely young and pretty so I decided to try and set her up with my son. Sure he’s only 13, but hey, he could use all the help he can get! Turns out she was much older than she looked so there probably isn’t a chance but you never know.

I’ve got Billy Joel on the Ipod keeping me company and I’m dreaming of running in the sunshine. The problem is we are nearing California and all I can see are clouds. In fact, we are between two cloud layers now so I don’t think there’s much of a chance for sunshine.

The sun has finally caught us from behind; I caught a good picture of it so you can share the moment. I guess this means my day has to officially begin. Billy is done singing and I should probably get some work done on this laptop instead of writing in my blog. Tracy’s back to tell me to put this thing away so now I have no choice.

Thanks for listening.


So now I'm here in sunny California but wait... what's this... it's not SUNNY! IT'S RAINING! UHGG (but it's not cold). Caught some cool pictures of the rain coming across the mountains today thought I would share. It's actually stopped raining so I'm off to run.

Back from my run. 6 miles in 49:03. I could feel my thigh but I wouldn't call it pain. It was just letting me know it was there. I felt really good so I had to try really hard to hold back and run easy. I have ice on my leg now but I didn't bring my chinese liniment. Tomorrow is an off day and then I will hopefully get to run on the beach Friday! Pray for sunshine.


PKPWV said...

Sunshine? What's that? I'll bring you Chinese Linament!! I need to buy more for myself anyway! I like the rain...and yes it's COLD!!!! BRRR...windy and cold here in California. You're in the desert-it will drop in temp tonight just you wait and see!!! Yeah! COLD!!!!

Cool pic from the plane.....and any sunrise and sunset is the best!!! Those are my two favorite times to be out! There is something about the sun coming up and setting that is incredibly awesome!!! It's magical everytime you see it-it never gets old.

Ok, for you, I hope it's sunny on friday!!! I'll take one for the team and forgo the rain!!!

PKPWV said...

Look how flat it is in the high desert!!! What the!!! Come to hilly country boy!

RBR said...

If I ran 6 miles in 49:03 I would be calling hte newspapers! Awesome run!

Sorry you caught us on a bad day. Maybe California is trying to ease you into its weather. Wouldn't want to shock the Oklahomaian, Oklahomite, ... hmm... what DO you guys call yourselves?

Welcome to California! Have a great run!