Saturday, February 16, 2008

Frigid Five Pics

Here are some more pictures from the Frigid Five. Notice my son's long stride as he cruises to the win. I was one proud papa!! The little one ran/walked the mile also. He has major issues with his hips and legs so running may be difficult for him in the future but he doesn't care. He just throws his legs out and lets them fly! He'd make a great ballet dancer but daddy would have to take major medication to deal with that.


PKPWV said...

Brrr...looks frigid! Good for them!! And I'm sure you were a very proud papa!!! Did the Chinese stuff arrive yet? Hows the leg feeling??

I'll be around all next week. i think I'm definitely going to run the runway 10k in Los Alimitos on saturday....something about running on a runway is appealing to me!!

I didn't do pilates this morning-I went to a scarf boutique last night and was out until 12;30-yikes!! What was I thinking. So today I'm tired and a little foggy! Nothing like free wine! I wanted to run my 8 miles today but I think I'm going to lay low and get up at 5am and run before I take her sheep herding!!

Let me know what your schecule is like in LA

RBR said...

I am such a California wimp. Even though it is sunny you can tell it is COOOOLLLLLDDD!

Very awesome that you do your running with your sons. Those are memories they will cherish forever.

How's your leg feeling? I was looking at the OKC website. Looks like a great race. You still have 70 days, plenty of time to heal up!

PKPWV said...

if RBR's a California wimp then I'm joining her because I really am not a fan of running in temps lower than lets say......50 degrees!! And I grew up in tennessee where it got cold. But you live in California and 50 is cold!!!! I love being a California Wimp! woo hoo!!!