Monday, February 4, 2008

A visit to Dr. StrangeLeg

Yesterday was wonderfully relaxing. I did next to nothing and loved it. I massaged and iced my leg and did my Pilates DVD. I really like my new instructors Shelley and Jen. They are really nice and go really slow. So much so that I sometimes yell at Jen for not keeping up. I hate to criticise but she really brings the class down sometimes. I can tell Shelley is frustrated too but she puts up with it and somehow keeps a smile. I may have to move up to the advanced class if this keeps up. Since I'm not running I haven't been able to see any benefit from Pilates yet but I can feel my core aching in the morning so I guess that's progress.

I managed to get in with my doctor today so he could look at my leg and make sure it's still there. I like him but sometimes I wonder if I don't have my hopes too high when I go see him. I expected him to maybe amputate my bad leg and install a new one (which he didn't), or maybe give me a shot of whatever Barry Bonds was taking so that my leg became the size of a race horses leg (which he wouldn't do either). Sometimes I don't know what this guy is good for! Was I expecting too much?? Geesh. He did send me across town to have X-rays which I will probably never hear any results from. My doctor has a history of performing tests, which I think are important, and then never calling me back to say how they came out. The last time I went to see him he drew about 5 gallons of blood and just about every other kind of bodily tissue. So much so that he could have made a new me with all the stuff he took. So I thought, hey, surely he'll figure out what's wrong with me from all that, right? Well a week later I had heard nothing so I called. I told his secretary that I was calling to see if they had discovered anything from during their expedition and sample collection of Willie. She put me on hold for a minute and came back to say, and I quote, "Your tests came back negative". What? huh? what'da test me for?? I thought we were looking for something abnormal. What does negative mean? She had no clue. I love her. He ended up giving me a prescription that fixed my problem (will discuss later) so in the end we got it right but how he got there left a lot to be desired.

One thought I had as I entered my front door is that I forgot to ask him for a referral to a physical theopist!! THIS WAS THE WHOLE REASON I WENT TO HIM!! I am so easily sidetracked. I have the attention span of a knat!

Southbay Girl did great in her race and even took lots of pictures so I could get a view of California, if somewhat blurred by rain. I don't know how you took a video while running in the rain but it was really cool! Thanks and way to go!

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PKPWV said...

Southbay girl was able to take a video because the headwind was so strong it was hindering even her penguin pace!!! ha ha!!! If it makes you feel better I think we're done with rain for a bit! Which means it might be gloriosly sunny upon your arrival in southern california!! You might actually get 70 degree weather!!!

As for proplotheraphy-it's the bomb! He numbs my foot first with lidocaine and then he starts the dextrose injections! It works! it's a miracle!!! I kinda feel like frankenstein or a guinea pig-everyone is waiting to see how I fair with the prolotheraphy before jumping in themselves!!! IT ROCKS!!

I'm glad to hear you like your new pilates instructors! Are they the same instructors for the advanced dvd?

Your doc sound highly entertaining!!! After all that blood was taken you should have raced out, had two beers-then you wouldn't have remembered anything!!! ha ha!