Sunday, February 17, 2008

A run with my son

I have decided to start giving daily weather reports since some people (Californians) can't seem to stop commenting about 50 degrees being cold! Today started out in the low 20's with some light snow. By midday it was up to almost 40 and the sun had broken through the clouds which makes it very pleasant. It's not supposed to get much warmer but the clouds are going to clear out completely which will make for a nice crisp night.

I went out of my first run in a week today about noon (39 degrees). My son decided to come with me because his track practice begins a week and he wants to get in shape. Oh for youth when you can start a sport a few weeks early and be in shape by the time it starts. We did an easy 3 miles and I felt ok but could definetly tell I hadn't run in awhile. Everything seemed tight and resistive to motion. I took it very easy and the leg didn't hurt much. The wind was really "sweeping down the plains" today from the North which made it hard going out but nice coming back. Hope to get another easy 3 in tomorrow and maybe I can call this a recovery. Thank you to all who have suffered through the last weeks with me. Sorry I haven't had anything funny to share but give me a few days and I will be back in true "Willie" form.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

Silly-the weather comment about us Californians was very funny! 50 degrees is Cold-you know that it's a desert here-it gets bone chilling cold at 50 degrees! You'll see when you're here and it's raining and 50...then you'll understand!!! But 29 degrees?? What the hell is that??

Yeah isn't youth great-well it's great when it comes to sports etc...I don't think I'd want to go thru it again! Must be very exciting to you that he's running track! Following in papa's footsteps.

I think 3 miles is a very good run considering!! That will be me tomorrow!!

Woo Hoo...Willie is running!!

How's the Chinese Linament? Sick of the smell yet?

PKPWV said...

Whatever with being more interested in velcro!!! Whatever! And as for the flat land-you suck!!! And that's all I'm going to say!! Hills suck. I'm getting really tired of them. i can't get away from them-we either have super steep hills whi, for some silly reason, I always seem to run up, or we have the long inclined hills that just keep rising in elevation.They both suck! I want flat!!!!!

Herding was very eventful today! The celebrity was a stubborn little dog today!! She didn't listen until I took a Border Collie out and she had to sit and watch mom herding with another dog! She wasn't happy and was very jealous so we ended on a high note-But I think she was a bit tired from her 8.5 mile time we'll only do 3 miles before herding! That means I'm going to have to start doing my long runs on saturday! UGH!

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Santa Monica to go to a prolotheraphy lecture that's being given by my doctor. I was the guinea pig for all my friends who have aches and pains from the film business!! So now they want to check it out since I've had such great success and am running relatively pain free now!!!

PKPWV said...

Willie-your comment wasn't mean-it happens all the time!! When I go to panavision to prep a camera package, velcro comes with me. I've met more people because of her than I did for years going there without a dog....and when i don't take her! WOW!! I hear it from EVERYONE!!!! She is the celebrity, Not I!!

RBR said...

Lord almighty! 39 at noon! I agree we Californians are wimpy, but that is just crazy.

If it gets below 40 around here they talk about closing the schools.

I live in the valley so it is pretty flat here too. I don't have to go far for hills, but at least I can avoid them if I want to. Oklahoma looks pretty. I have never been there, but you never know. I may want to start traveling for races. I am a teacher, so no work travel for me!

Congratulations on the run! I am so glad your leg didn't hurt. LOL about your son and the speedy fitness gains of youth. I had a student last year that "had a bad day", so he went out and ran 10 miles. He hadn't run since cross country season which had been at least 5 months. If I didn't run for 5 months I don't think I could run 10 minutes straight, much less 10 miles.