Monday, February 11, 2008

I am the stupidest man alive

Disclaimer: This episode of See Willie Run contains no humor and is not intended for adults who have grown out of juvenile temper-tantrams and pouting. Those with common sense may be offended.

Is it OK to start a blog with a string of expletives? %$#@# #@%# *&%##$%!# $#!$#!@#%^&&*%$#@%^^@$%2. There now I feel better, not really. I was so excited about running again but tonight I had a setback. I decided to hit the gym again since it is really cold and rainy here today. I got on the treadmill ready to do an easy 6. I set the speed at 9 minutes/mile and off I went. By the second mile I noticed a slight ache in my leg. By the third mile I could feel myself beginning to limp. DAMN! I immediately quit running and got off the treadmill. I stretched the thigh like the doctor told me too and tried running very slowly around the indoor track. I was able to jog slowly without pain but was still frustrated. I have my leg on ice and it's elevated as I type. I hate it. I can't do this, I am beside myself with frustration. I want to run so badly. I don't feel like myself anymore. What am I going to do? HELP.

After my stupid run I went over to the workout pads and beat myself up with Pilates. My legs spent so much time in the air they may qualify for some type of FAA license! It felt good to do that. I may do some more before I go to bed.

All of you (Southbay Girl) who wondered why I was running again when I had committed to not running for 2 weeks were not crazy. OK You were right, what was I thinking. Maybe once you get to know me you will not be surprised in the future when I do stupid things. How does that country song go... "I know what I was feeling, but what was I thinking???" Yea, that works right now.

More ice, then massage, then bed. Maybe I can dream of running.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

Ok first of all you're not stupid! I would do the same thing and I'm sure your other readers would as well!! Running is our drug-ok well it's mine...maybe I'm the only one who calls it my drug. And it's like stopping an addiction-hard as hell! But with that thought in mind, this addiction isn't taking away the pain like it usually does-it's giving you pain.....maybe rest would be a good idea. Think of it this way-2 weeks now or 2 months later.....what would you rather have?

Should I send you chinese stuff??? It works!! Is it a muscle or nerve or what kind of pain is it? Not that I'm a doctor or anything....

I loved the fact that you and I were both sitting on the couch watching How to Lose a guy in 10 days. that made me laugh!!!! I love that movie! But I love most movies! Bit of a movie buff!

I think if pilates doesn't seem to bother your leg than you should do that as much as possible! Did you find a class?? And are you incorporating weights into the pilates moves? I find that really bumps up my workout and it might make you feel a little better. And no I'm not talking 20 lb weights silly! Girly 3 or 5 lb weights. You'd be surprised how that helps. But hey if you want to use heavier weights....go ahead!!

I'm watching the Westminster Dog Show right now-love it! The herding group is tonight-I'm very excited!!! I got so tired this afternoon-wondering if the 7 mile run finally hit me today. I also think I ate something that hasn't agreed with me-so it's a rest day for me!!! Pilates tomorrow morning at 8:15!! Woo hoo! that is after i shovel cat shit!

Don't get so down. @ weeks of staying off your leg is a very small amount of time in the long run!!! And don't you want to run when you get out to the sunny 80 degree weather of southern cal????

PKPWV said...

oops left the comment on the wrong day!!! sorry...look down below for Chines linament stuff

PKPWV said...

YES Running the Nashville Half. I've entered it and I'm training...a blister will not stop me. Work may but a blister wont!!! Unfortunatley it runs on a saturday which means I'll have to be there by friday morning to pick up all my stuff.....Maryland Girl flies in on thursday and leaves monday-we were hopping to make a weekend out of it with my family-we'll see what my work schedule is like!!!

You should run it too!!!