Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everyone's running but me

So now I have another friend at work who has taken up running. He came by my office today to show me his new shoes and ask when we could go for a run. Boy did he pick a bad day! I almost broke down in tears when he asked. I don't think he was ready for the outpouring of emotion that I gave him. He gave me that look that said "Wow you're a freak" and hastily left. He hasn't run enough to understand yet so I will give him a break this time. Actually, now that I think about it, I see that "Wow, you're a freak" look a lot, humm, wonder why?

Work has been really busy this week. The work just seems to keep building up. Maybe I should do some of it? Nahhhh! I've got blogs to write, Pilates to do, and many other things to get done before I can think about work. Man I'm tired!

Spent the evening with Blondie again. I have found that if I intentionally do the moves out of order I can stand her. It's something about obvious disobedience that allows me to deal with her constant griping about pointing my toe this way or pushing my butt that way. She's so demanding that she is just begging me to disobey. It's my civic duty to stand up to oppression in all forms. If I let her push me around then the whole world could become enslaved to brutal Pilate dictators. Then where would we be? Just a bunch of ripped, well-toned, in-shape machines that walk around looking great. Hey, maybe we should re-think this.....

No running for me until at least Saturday. I may hit the stair-climber-turned-elliptical-thingy tomorrow for an hour or two. Maybe it can bring out some endorphins. Whatever, it won't be the same. Now I'm off to shop for Chinese liniment.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

yeah chinese linament!!!!! You're joining the new revolution!!! beware it smells!! But it's great! I really do swear by it! I hope you do too!!!

Blondie again...hmm...I see you're flipping from the two brunettes back to blondie-who do you prefer???

I didn't run either today-but it wasn't because of an injury-sorry-it's because my lazy ass was napping on the couch and I couldn't lift my lazy ass up off the couch!!! Now I just want to have a glass of wine! But I took pretty pictures!! and it was a pretty day..and I did do pilates and ran around the park with velcro-you know I can't do everything everyday!!!! I'm unemployed for gods sake I need time to be depressed and brood!!!

PKPWV said...

I'd feel really bad if your leg fell off!!! WOW talk about a guilt trip!!! You've joined the revolution! Ebrace the Chinese Linament!

RBR said...

I totally felt that way when I was injured back in October. I hurt my knee 2 weeks before the Nike Woman's Marathon (it was supposed to be my first marathon. It was but I had to walk/run because of the knee. NOT the way I wanted to do it! I am trying to redeem myself at Napa in 2 weeks.) It felt like everyone could run but me. I was so depressed about it. But the only way to get better is to 1. find out what exactly is wrong (I went to the Sport Med. Doctor) 2. rest(yes, that does mean no running, but cross training is ok. Other than the Marathon I didn't run for 6 weeks) 3. Fix whatever caused the problem in the first place (I am doing strength training, stretching before and after, and being very careful with my mileage increases).

About Redman, I have heard really really good things about that race for a first half-iron. You should do it!

I got a coach for this season to help me with the swim so I don't suffer like last year. We will see what happens when you actually train for the swim (what a concept!)

My goal is to do my first half-ironman next summer (summer 2009). It is the summer I turn 40. But I will need at least a year to get to those distances.

Blah, blah, blah, Sorry to go on and on!