Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 1 and Counting

Well I've done it. I have committed myself to not running for 2 weeks. You may have thought I said I was being committed but not, just committing myself. Wait that doesn't sound right either. Anyway, I will not run until February 15th (except for the 5 mile race I signed up for this weekend, but it's part of the running club series so, come ooonnnn, I have to do it). This is, of course, due to my nagging right thigh injury. Nope, nothing for me except Pilates and biking for the next two llllloooonnngggg weeks. I will also be on a strict regiment of ice and massage. The ice sucks, the massage... not so much, kinda like that.

I know that all runners get injured at some point so I would love to hear from everyone how they deal with it. How do you deal with your diet? I eat a lot of calories everyday. I try to get them from healthy foods but I have never really limited myself in terms of gross caloric intake because I burn so many running everyday. Now I won't be burning as many so should I restrict my diet? Once I feel I can run again, how should I return? Two weeks is a long time to not run and I don't want to repeat the injury so how slow should I take my return? Should I ditch my marathon training program and replace it with a more conservative one or should I try to gradually return to the schedule? Any thoughts would be great.

I was thinking about the coincidences of life today. I don't really believe in coincidence so I have to examine everything that happens and try to make a connection to something else that happened. I began writing this blog when the pain in my leg returned. I had every intention of writing a blog totally focused on running. I was going to talk about the thoughts and feelings I had during my long runs so that I could review them and see just how crazy I might really be. I also thought it would be good for my children's psychiatrist to have documented proof of their father’s inner demons as this might save him some time investigating the cause of their problems. But I have noticed that since I began writing this I haven't been able to talk much about my running because of this stupid right leg of mine. I haven't been able to explain why the injury and my blog began at the same time but I know there is a reason. As is the case in most of my life, I probably was not meant to do the thing I wanted to do so I am being forced by some higher power (fate) into doing what I should be doing. I would argue that the blogs I have written up to this point SUCK so what's the deal? This cannot be better than what I had planned, can it? I don't know. Again, I would love to hear some funny reason's for this strange series of events... Any thoughts???

I hope you realize that most of the time I am full of #^%$ and that I don't even believe half the things I write. I try to always find humor in everything and bring it to everyone I connect with so please don't think I am really f'ed up. I think I'm totally normal and the rest of you are messed up!!! Just kidding....

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

I so know how you feel. It sucks to not be able to run-but it is the best thing for you! Unfortunately nothing can replace the feeling I have when i run!! I will say pilates has been the slight exception-so good thing you're doing that!!! And you'd be surprised how it will keep you fi! maybe not as cardio fit, but fit nonetheless!!

As for coming back from an injury-that sucks too! ha! I usually don't stop running for that long-even when my foot hurt I'd run, cry, run and suffer thru the pain-sucking it up! Even though it felt like I was walking as much as I was running....I'd start off slow though-you don't want to re-injure your leg!! Because then if you have to take more time off you'll really go nuts!!

Hey FYI-there is a race in hermosa beach on sunday 24th feb-2.5 and 5 mile sand & strand run-obviously half on the sand half on the strand. just thought I'd let you know.

Work? what's that? Strike-oh I know what that is. I've heard rumors-nothing official yet. But all the tv shows are gearing up to start back up. Some are even hoping to start shooting on the 15th....but we'll see. Since I wasn't on one specific show, my work will probably come after the shows start up. So I'm guessing I wont be back to work at least until the 22nd if not later....so I'm still the silly unemployed camera assistant that takes way too many pictures of her dog and sits and blogs all day!!!

PKPWV said...

I was a slacker and missed the movie-hope to catch it soon!!! It's supposed to be great! It revolves around the Chicago marathon which I've never done-but the city sure is fun!

Velcro is fine! She's a butthead! She'd rather be playing with her jolly ball or tennis ball than running so she becomes an anchor! But boy does she change if she sees something she can chase etc! Dogs!! Love them.

Yeah really crappy run-but hey at least i got out there. I could have been a true bum and just stayed inside all day long! But I didn't!!!

I may have 4 days of work this month!!! Woo Hoo!!! I got called to work on a low budget, non-union kids thing for 4 days shooting puppets! At this point I'll work on anything!!! I'm hoping the tv season kicks back in soon!! Before I really start to go nuts. All I can say is thank god for running, pilates and my animals!!

Hows the leg feeling today? Did you do pilates? Or was this a rest day from the two pilates girls???