Saturday, February 23, 2008

There's no place like home, except California

I’m on my way home from California today. I had a GREAT trip, probably the best ever. We accomplished everything we needed to and I got a great run in at the beach (see pics below). I also got to meet Southbay girl for fish tacos! It is amazing to me how small this world is sometimes. When I began blogging I never intended to meet new people. I had only hoped to capture my thoughts and feelings so I could have them for later. It has turned into this wonderful world of interesting people and really opened my eyes to how much we love RUNNING. I love being around runners. It is great to be around people that have the same problems, concerns, loves, and desires that you have. Even if we live thousands for miles away from each other. I hope I have made a friend for life, I hope Southbay girl doesn’t run away and hide from the internet after meeting me, I hope I can come to California and always know someone who I can hang out with, I hope if you ever come to Oklahoma you will look up SeeWillieRun and let me show you around, and I hope we all keep running forever.

I ran 8.5 miles along Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo beaches yesterday. It was a little chilly and I only brought shorts and a short sleeve T-shirt so I was a little cold until I got warmed up. There was a strong breeze coming off the ocean but I was running perpendicular to it so it never bothered me much. There is so much to see along the strip. The houses are amazing (amazingly expensive probably) and I am sure I passed a celebrity. I tried to take pictures of everyone just is case they were a celebrity (shameless tourist from Midwest). I saw people playing volleyball, I saw homeless people, I saw couples with children, I saw old men and young women, I saw airplanes taking off from LAX, I saw boats out at sea, I saw birds hanging on the breeze, I saw skateboarders and rollerbladers, I saw beautiful cliffs down south and horrible smokestacks up north. I watched the sun fall into the ocean and the lights of the city streets come alive. It was an amazing panoramic theater of life. I wish I could do it everyday but I would fear it wouldn’t be special after awhile. Wonderful things in life sometimes have to remain brief in order to remain wonderful. I’ve always hated that about life.

As I said, I ran 8.5 miles in 1:16 minutes. That’s great except that I had only planned to run 6 miles in about an hour. You might think, “Great Willie, you did more and felt good what’s wrong with that?” Well, I only fed the parking meter 1 hour and 15 minutes worth of quarters. As I was finishing my run I noticed a meter maid driving by in her little golf cart. She waved at me and I waved back. That wave cost me $30! I got a parking ticket!!! I was only about 3-4 minutes late and I ran extra so shouldn’t the people of Manhattan Beach congratulate me? I am going to pay the ticket with a note describing how much I love the city and how good my run was, I may even include pictures. I figure if the meter maid was nice enough to wave at me we may as well keep the whole process of screwing me on a friendly level until the end. I’m actually proud of the ticket; it shows that I did more than I had planned. It’s proof that I exceeded my expectations. Spend my money well Manhattan Beach.


PKPWV said...

Willie, Unfortunately the beach scenery, sunset, etc never gets's just different!! Every sunset is different and it brings a new sense of life and joy! I must say, running on the west coast is wonderful! Even with the hills! I grew up in Tennessee, which is beautiful don't get me wrong, but there is something about watching a sunrise or sunset over the ocean, with the cold winter winds coming in off the water, it's breathtaking and inspiring! And yes you said it was cold!!!!

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!!! Makes me smile! And I'm glad we didn't get that extra drink last night-getting up at 5am was hard enough!!!

I'd love a tour of Oklahoma the next time I'm driving thru!!! And RBR has extended an invitation to you for sushi in Northern California!!! Can I join you guys???

Friends forever!!! No problem!!

I think the $30 ticket was worth it!!!

PKPWV said...

I nearly forgot

GO VOLS!!!!!

PKPWV said...

I'm truly a slow did 81/2 miles in 1:16 and I struggled with 9.3 in 1:40 something....grumble!!!! Oh well!!!

PKPWV said...

I've just decided to shoot pics of all the tagging I see! It's all about graffiti now!

And yeah how about them VOLS!!! What an amazing game!!!

RBR said...

Sooooo jealous! You met pkpwv and not me! AND you got to pet Velcro! Sheesh!


I told pkpwv that I was going to tempt you with offers of sushi next time you are in Cali. I am just a quick 6 hour (with no LA traffic, which never happens) drive from LA. Northern California is beautiful too ya know!

I am glad you had a good time. You are looking pretty cool out on the beach! Oh, and if you didn't get a parking ticket no one would believe you were really in LA.