Monday, February 18, 2008

What's on Willie's Playlist

I ran again today! 6.25 miles in 51 minutes with my friend from work. I was sitting in my office today when, let's call him Jim, came by and asked me if I wanted to go to the gym and lift weights before we ran. I thought sure, what the heck. Well, what the heck was an hour of pure Willie hell that's what!! I swear this guy is going to kill me before he's done. I had to do inclined bench presses, declined curly things, upside down - declined push downs, hang from your fingernails-inclined-curl-fly-push-up-downs, and whatever else this master of dumbbells could throw at me. He kept asking me if he had put too much weight on for me, No the veins in my face always bulge like this! I kept asking him when we could get to the running, that’s easy. His answer never pleased me. I was also the smallest guy in the place. One time when I was resting against the wall, a guy mistook me for a barbell and tried to put weights on me! I just hope I didn’t intimidate any of those giants with my enormous endurance. I’m sure they noticed my excellent running form and were impressed. I don’t belong in gyms.

So anyway on my run today I fired up the old IPod just for some background music. I also discovered a new favorite running song. Who Knew by Pink is great for running. I found myself singing along at one point. I don’t what it is about a song but sometimes they can hit me right and I just get into them on a run. As I was thinking about this I began to also wonder about what I listen to while I run. My playlist tonight consisted of Pink which I already mentioned, then The Foo Fighters, The Pretender, also a great running song. I then moved on to some Michael Buble’ Save the last dance for me, followed by some Garth Brooks To Make You Feel My Love (Live), since he lives down the road in Yukon and then some Motley Crue Wild Side and Same old Situation. Next I enjoyed some David Gray, The One I Love, and then some Metallica (I don’t remember which but they were good). There may have been a Kelly Clarkson song in there also (can’t help it I love her!). So now you know what Willie listens to when he runs. I actually don’t like to where my IPod much while running because it just gets annoying after an hour or two. Sometimes I will download some podcasts of A Prairie Home Companion by Garrison Keeler and listen to them on long runs. He is so good and has that great voice which I could listen to forever. It’s the kind of voice you can get lost in. Ok I’ve bored you enough with my playlist. Maybe it can give you some insight into my soul, maybe it will just confirm for you that I’m out-to-lunch, or maybe you will see that I’m open minded musically and have a vast array of musical interests. I like that last one, makes me seem high-class!!! Or maybe full-of-crap.

Now I’m off to finish Gone with the Wind which is on TCM right now. That’s the reason this bog sucks, I’ve been watching Scarlet O’hara defend Tara from those nasty Yankees! Rhett Butler is my hero. He’s such a mans-man.

As God as my witness, I’ll never stop running again!!!
Ok a little dramatic but so good.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

Gym? What's that? I can honestly say I don;t think I've ever gone to the gym with a friend and lifted-maybe that's because my friends sit on their asses!! I was going to say something about testosterone-but decided against it!!!Anyhoo...You got a good run in! I need to run tonight-didn't do anything yesterday but get my haircut, eat thai and listen to my doctor at his prolotheraphy lecture-some of the people actually wanted to hear my story-yikes-so up I went. Public speaking has never been my forte!! But he thanked me and I think alot of people are going to call him to schedule appts!!

Your music selections are quite diverse!!! I particularly like the Kelli Clarkson choice-do you watch American Idol? Come on you can tell me...I do!!! My ipod shuffle has Joan Osbourne, Ryan Adams, Martina McBride, U2, Pete Yorn,Rusted Root, Widespread Panic..can't rememebr anymore-I'll let you know what plays if and when I get my arse up and run today! I'm tired. I was out way too late-the girls that went to the lecture with me are night owls so they were all chipper at 10:30...I was like damn it's past my bedtime!!! I sleepy!!!

Garth Brooks is cool-used to work with him alot when I lived in Nashville-super guy!!

PKPWV said...

I'm a masochist!!! And yes I need to get back to work. But you know what i realized....the strike enabled me to 1. get 5 prolotheraphy appointments in to heal my painful foot 2. lose the weight that i gained living with the ex and all his evil, bad , unhealthy ways 3. find a new way of exercising-pilates and 4. meet new friends via my running (and my other) blog!!! I'm poor but I'm rich in so many other ways!! And I'm really happy about it! I know I'm not feeling 100% because I'm a bit teary!!! But I feel so much better about myself because I have my running back and I've lost weight. He was slowly killing me and I never saw it!! I have myself back and I'm so happy about that!!!

Stop crying Penny you silly girl!! Everything is good!!!

RBR said...

You crack me up "many miserable triathlon swims in my future" That made me laugh, thank you! When I met my coach for the pre-meeting about a month ago she asked me what my goal was for my next triathlon. I told her, "I don't want to puke or cry at the next one." She laughed and then waited as if I was going to tell her another goal. "No seriously,my swim needs help that is why I am here."

I didn't get to go to my first meeting last night some more important stuff came up. I will probably write about it. I emailed her and told her waht happended. She understood and will be sending my trianing schedule via email today, so I will let you all know what is in store.

**long, selfish diatribe on YOUR blog over. Starting Willie based comment now**

YOU RAN PAIN FREE OR SIX MILES! Woo hoo! I am so happy for you! You are back baby! Very dramatic ending to your post, you HAVE been watching Gone with the Wind! Oh, an d I have several teenie boppers on my iPod (ala Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna) For an 80's metalhead like me that is tough to admit. But we are out of the closet now. The first step is admitting you have a problem right?