Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is what I've been missing!

Ok so I busted my vow not to run for 2 weeks (Get off my back Southbay Girl!). Not the first time I've had trouble with commitment. I wanted to run the Frigid Five miler because it's part of the OKC Landrunners series races and I am currently in the lead of my age division (I'm the only one in it but I'm still winning!). I told myself that I would start in the back and jog the race just to see how my leg felt. If it hurt, I would walk. Well I did start in the back and I did jog the first mile (9:07) but I was feeling great! So I picked it up a little, then a little more, then a little more etc... I went through mile 2 at 16:30, mile 3 at 24:02, mile 4 at 31:40, and finished in 39:02. My leg did not hurt at all and I had a great time! I felt a little bad about starting in the back and passing people the whole race. I hate fast runners that start back in the pack just so they can feel good passing slower people (me) for the whole race! Unfortunately that's what I ended up doing. I almost apologized to a couple of desperate looking people as I passed them going up a hill. "I'm sorry, I didn't intend to do this, I'm not like that, I'm nice really!" I don't think they would have cared. Anyway, I had a great run and my leg didn't hurt at all and still doesn't hurt. I stretched it and am planning to do some Pilates tonight. I will take tomorrow off, I am planning to take pictures for the running club as they do 14 miles on the OKC marathon course. That should be fun. I am going to try running Monday (I know I'm breaking my commitment, but I have to be true to myself. It's not you it's me). If I can run 3 times next week that would be awesome! I hope to get back to long runs next weekend. This is bad for you, the reader (all 2 of you), because I will have more thoughts and feelings to spew into this wonderful internet bull-horn I call a blog.

My son ran the 1 mile fun run and WON IT! His picture is below as he sprints to the finish line! I found out later it was supposed to be for 11 year olds and under. He's 12 but hey, he really whooped up on those little kids! Nothing like kicking an 8 year-old's butt. I hope stealing candy from babies is not next!
I hear the writer's have tentatively settled so maybe there's something good on the tube. I feel like a nap!

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

I'm impressed! Was it frigid?? So you're one of those guys that passes us penguins-hmmm...... :-) I don't mean to harass you about your 2 week running hiatus-just wanted to remind you.... I knew you couldn't do it!!!

I can't believe your son won-that's fantastic!!! Did he think about running with you??

The WGA has signed a tentative agreement! that means I might be back to work by the beginning of March! Woo hoo!!!

I'm a bit sore from my 2 pilates classes yesterday. to celebrate being sore and tired I went out for 2 glasses of wine at one of our locals bars and then ate dinner. i had a kick ass mac and cheese!!!! Yum!!! To bad I didn't run today because I did a carbo load last night!!

Must motivate to run tomorrow in the race.....means I have to get in the car and drive to downtown-ugh!

I think you have more than 2 readers! And I look forward to you ever-so-humorous posts!!!

PKPWV said...

So I'm not running in the race tomorrow-my sheep herding instructor called and has an 8am lesson-and since we haven't been herding in 2 weeks and we have some AKC trials coming up, I'm taking my constant companion herding! She deserves it!! I'll try to get a 7 mile run in either at 5am-yeah right or at 5pm...that's more like it!!

As for a run when you get to LA-yeah would love to but I'm much slower than you!!!! We could start off together and then meet at the end and have a beer???

PKPWV said...

Hey-glad you saw all of Velcro's pictures on bubbleshare. i uploaded more from herding this past fall....The herding trials start in march-I'm very excited...I'm a herding dog geek! Thanks for the nice comments on Bubbleshare-yeah Velcro is famous! She's a rockstar!!!

We went herding today-it was awesome and velcro did great!!! We have a pre-trial prep the first weekend in march and then the first AKC trial of the season the 2nd weekend in march.

I must get my 7 mile run in tonight. i'm going to wait until it's a little cooler-it's started warming up here already!!! Boo!!

I may actually start working in a few weeks-wouldn't that be exciting!! I don't know if I remember how to work!!

I hope you are having a greta sunday!!