Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The higher they soar, the farther they fall

After the race on Saturday we were invited out to a concert in Bricktown. Bricktown is the downtown area of Oklahoma City where there are restaurants, bars, a river walk, the ballpark, and much much more. It is a wonderful area and I finally got to enjoy it this weekend. The concert was outside in a parking lot that a local bar had fenced off. They had a full stage and, of course, a beer garden. I drank way too much Whiskey and beer but got to hear Cross Canadian Ragweed and the Randy Rogers band play live. I HAD A BALL!! It was the best night out I have had in a long time. I still have songs in my head and my foot is still tapping from the dancing. All in all a wonderful evening and I am so grateful to our new friends who invited us out. 

Well as you can imagine the wonderful evening led to a not-so-good morning, afternoon, and evening. I wasn't hung over but I was really feeling down all day. My father flew into town on Sunday so I had to pick him up at the airport. It was wonderful to see him but it didn't help my mood. It intrigued me to have such extremes of emotions within a few hours of each other, so high up and so far down. Interesting.

Needless to say, I didn't run Sunday. Monday dawned bright and sunny and brought with it a new day and a new Willie. Summer has finally arrived in Oklahoma and I LOVE it! Sorry Southbay girl but when the temperature gets over 90, Willie gets excited about running in the heat. So Monday evening I laced up my shoes, left the shirt at home and ran in beautiful 89 degree sunshine. It was heaven. My winter white flab was glistening in all it's Franco-German glory but I didn't care. Soon it will turn a nice shade of, well, not much of a shade, but somewhat less glistening white and fat always looks better tanned. I ran just 3 miles around the block but because of the heat I felt like I had run another 10. It was wonderful.

Tonight I ran with My Hero's boyfriend again. We had a nice easy run and it was great to have company. He and I have many of the same ideas about running and, although he doesn't look it, we are about the same age. 

I am still planning on running the Andy Payne marathon this Sunday but I have to admit that doubt has worked it's way into my mind. My new Brooks infinity's (holy crap I haven't written about my new shoes! What's wrong with me!) aren't really broken in yet and they are giving my calf's some troubles.
I expect some issues with my body acclimating to new shoes but these shoes are really giving my legs some serious rejection 
issues. They are much softer than my GTS 8's so I am sinking lower with each step which stretches my calf's more. I think the extra softness will be good in the long run but I have to make it through the initial growing pains first. My legs are still feeling tired from the 1/2 so we'll have to see how the next few days go.

Guess what I get to do all day tomorrow?? Go ahead, guess... I get (have) to do interviews! I know, holy crap, right??!? I'm lucky to even have a job myself, let alone determine if someone else is qualified/a-good-fit for a job. I had to go buy a suit tonight since I gave my last one away when I realized that engineering was my profession and not the law (long story). I picked a cool black pin-striped by some guy named J. Ferrar. He makes good suits but he REALLY likes himself considering he put his name on every inch of the inside of the suit. I thought about a Claiborne suit since it would be nicer to have a women's name all over me but worried that I may mistakenly buy a women's suit (very funning it you have seen The Office episode). Anyway, back to the interviewing, Holy crap, young minds of mush right out of college are going to sit in front of me tomorrow and think that I know what I'm doing. They are soooo screwed! My boss says I have to behave myself and try to act professional. I asked why he invited me then??? Stay tuned because I expect some really great, Willie-sticks-his-foot-in-his-mouth stories tomorrow night. 

Thanks for listening


Reese said...

Uh, I'm sure you know Andy Payne is Saturday and not Sunday.

Calyx Meredith said...

Well someday you should tell us the long story of how engineering triumphed over law. I hope the interviewing goes well. I had a funny imagining where you sit down to interview someone and realize you saw him in the store buying a suit at the same time. :D

Hope your legs get used to your new shoes soon - because Saturday seems AWFULLY close. I'm glad someone enjoys the heat. I want to build up my tolerance so I have a wider range of running weather but it's a slow process!

And finally - I'm glad you had fun times out with new friends but sorry you had to pay for it with a swing down low. Peace my friend!