Saturday, May 3, 2008

Running with the Big Dogs!

So I took the WHOLE week off from running. That's pretty good right? I was planning to run Thursday night but didn't make it, I ate greasy pizza instead. Then I was going to run Friday when I got home from work early but I didn't make it then either, I took a nap instead. So really it was one big lazy Willie week.

I had posted a note on the Landrunners forum asking if anyone wanted to keep doing long runs together on the weekends. I received many replies and we all agreed that we wanted to run the trail between two local lakes here in the Greater Oklahoma City area. It's about 7 miles between the lakes and you can run longer if you run around the lakes. I had never done it so I was excited about running something new.

When I awoke this morning and stepped out on my back deck it was not very cold so I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. When I got to the lake it was VERY windy and COLD! What the crap? I didn't bring gloves and really wanted them. The only saving grace was that it was sunny so as long as we stayed in the sun it was bearable.

I wasn't sure who would show up today. I only knew a few of the people who replied on the forum and one of my good friends had called me and said he would be there. Well I ended up running with My Hero, another of the top runners in the club, we'll call him The Rabbit, and my friend. These are the people I only saw from behind during the training runs. This was the group I had always hoped to be part of one day. I got my chance today! Another goal achieved for Willie. Of course, they ran the crap out of me! I was glad I hadn't run this week. We did 14 miles and I bet we averaged under 8 minutes/mile. I had some pain at the turnaround but luckily it went away. I had these visions of me dropping out of my first run with the Big Dogs. They were not good visions and I'm glad I didn't have to make them reality. I ran comfortably for the most part and I wasn't struggling with the pace but it was faster than I normally go. I suppose I need to do this, I suppose it's time I run with the Big Dogs, but I love the middle-back of the pack! That's where I belong! I guess it's just another part of running. It was really cool running with My Hero, I was somewhat star-stuck but I didn't stick my foot in my mouth too much.

I'm heading out of town again this week so I will get some great hill runs in. I will be sure to take pictures and stories when I get them. Nothing like good stories.

I got an email from a friend in New York letting me know he is guaranteed entry in the New York City Marathon. I guess if you try to get in for a few years they give you a guaranteed entry for being persistent. Pretty cool. He asked me to register for the lottery and try to get in since he didn't have anyone to run it with so I did! I put my name in the lottery, not much chance of getting in but if they are true New Yorkers they won't know where Oklahoma is and maybe think it's a foreign country so I could get an entry for being from out-of-country! Whatever it takes.

My prospects of getting to San Diego or San Fransisco keep getting lower. Ever the optimist, I haven't thrown in the towel yet but the realist in me doesn't see how it's gonna happen. I would LOVE to be there with you guys and will try my best (plus I have begun to soften on my feelings about California and I actually, almost, sorta, kinda, maybe-a-little-bit like it out there now.)

Funny pic from my Mom! It was titled "Trophy Squirrel Bagged in West Virginia". Had to share! Someone has just a sick sense of humor as me!!!

Thanks for listening


Reese said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice run. I look forward to at least starting with the "big dogs" one of these days. Had a good time in Cincinnati, but not going to talk about until I get home. I'm in the Admirals Club in St. Louis right now on one of their computers.

Calyx Meredith said...

Good luck on the NYC marathon lottery. How exciting would that be! Wish you could come run with us in SF, but it's beginning to sound like I should abandon hope of that. Glad you had a great run with the "big dogs" and OMG, I LOVE the picture of that dog! Willie that was just priceless.

Hope you travel safe this week. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories. Peace my friend!

RBR said...

What are you talking about? You ARE one of the big dogs! Total rockstar status! I can't believe you ran 14 miles at pace 1 week after a PR marathon! That is INSANE! You are an animal!

Woof Woof!