Sunday, May 11, 2008

Excuses excuses...

It wasn't that I drank too much, it was that I stayed up too late, honest. So I was planning to run 18 miles with the Big Dogs on Saturday and I knew that my wife had a party planned for Friday night with her friends from the Master degree program but I thought I could somehow do both. My plan was to party a little and then hit the sack since I didn't know anyone at the party anyway. 

I was able to stay on plan for a long time, even with a house full of wonderful drinks and food. I kept my drinks to 3 and my food intake to only apples and vegetables. Everything was going according to plan. Until someone brought out the Karaoke machine. I'm not a big fan of Karaoke since I have a voice that ranges from a dying rabbit to a shrieking hyena but I sang a song and then made my plan to escape to the bedroom which I did shortly thereafter. It was 11:30, no problem, plenty of time to sleep and be up by 6 for 18 miles. I lay my head down on the pillow and was immediately surprised at how much a pillow can amplify the bass of a Karaoke machine. Gee that's weird, it seems louder in here than it did in the living room?? Oh well, no problem, I have slept in the back of trucks parked next to running jet engines before, certainly I can sleep through this. 12:30, 1:30, 2 A.M.... Alright if I get in the closet maybe I can get the volume down to a low roar. 3:30, 4 A.M... Now I'm officially screwed. The party is winding down but I'm drained and still can't sleep. No way I'm making it out for a run in 2 hours. 

I finally fell asleep and slept until 6 A.M. when I got up and actually got my running gear on. When I stopped near the front door, however, and bent down to tie my shoes I almost fell back to sleep while standing up. This is not going to happen, running clothes off, pajamas back on and into the bed I went until nearly 10 A.M. when I woke up again still tired! This day is going to be a waste. 

I relaxed most of the day, still feeling tired, until the time came to head downtown for the Bricktown Blaze 5K. It was hot, maybe 80 degrees, and the wind was really kicking (I say that a lot don't I?). I made it downtown and registered for the race and then met up with the Big Dogs from the running club who commenced to giving me a load of crap for standing them up. It was actually nice to be missed and I got to hear all the cool stories from the run. I must say that the running club adds so much to my running just in terms of having someone missing you when you don't show up for a run. In the past if I missed a run no one knew but me. Now I have others holding me responsible for my running, I like it. 

I have never run the Bricktown Blaze before. It is a 5K run that supports Limbs for Life which provides prosthetic limbs for people who need them. It sounds like a great organization and they told me that all the money they raise through the Bricktown Blaze stays here in Oklahoma and will provide 15 patients with prosthetics. It's an afternoon race that ends in the local AAA baseball stadium just before the start of a game. It was really cool to run into the stadium and finish on home plate. I ran good considering I was still tired from being up all night and finished in 21:16. The really cool part came when I checked the results and saw the I WON MY AGE GROUP! Wow! I was shocked. I got a baseball which my son will probably loose in the back yard but it's still pretty cool. 

I remember when I could stay up all night partying and not even feel any effects. Now it takes me an entire day to recover from just staying up all night, not even partying! Age sucks. 

I found out there is a 1/2 marathon next weekend for the Sooner State Games. I am planning to run it since I love 1/2's and it's a local race. I am considering running the Andy Payne marathon the week after that but am still on the fence about that one. I feel like I could do it but am not sure if it is smart to run another marathon this soon. 

B.T.W. check out Running Through Time for a really good race report from the Flying Pigs marathon by Reese. He's a fellow OKC Landrunner and really great guy. You'll be glad you did.

Thanks for listening


Southbay Girl said...

Willie-The same thing happened to me on friday night-except I was working instead og laying in bed listening to party goers! so I didn't run my race on don't feel down! Sleep is a necessary part of training and staying healthy so you can run!!!Sleep is good! And your body tells you what it needs-if anything, getting older has made me listen to my body more-which is a good thing!!! But getting old does suck!

you are still a superman to me!!!

Reese said...

Great job on the Blaze. They were dogging you that morning about not showing up.
Thanks for the comment on my page. I'm not doing Sooner State this year. I've run the half the past two years, but this year the Gusher Gallop is the same day, and Gusher is both a Series & Champion race.

RBR said...

I have to disagree, age has been pretty good to me. I was a worthless POS earlier in life. I am like the army now, I get more done by 8 am then most people do all day! Ha!

I can't remember when I was even associated with a party that went until 4 am. You Oklahomans (Oklahomites? did we ever establish this?) are CRAZY!

BEAST! You won your age group?! You sure are racking up the race bling my friend. Awesome job!

Redman, you are correct, by far the biggest PRO is your presence in Oklahoma. It is why Redman made the short list *wink*

Maryland Girl said...

Some days it works and other days it doesn't. Sleep is a good thing and sucks when you are trying to sleep but you can't!
I just joined a local running club - I hope that will make a difference in my running too - socially and physically!

Calyx Meredith said...

Actually I'm in RBR's camp on the age thing. Granted, I'm slower and rounder than I used to be but I'm a much healthier, happier person now than ever before. (Of course I have NEVER been good at going without sleep - not at 8 or 18 or 38.)

CONGRATULATIONS on winning your AG! We're going to have to start calling you Speed Racer!

I have been thinking about you with all the crazy, scary weather news from your state. Y'all are ok, right? And finally - looking at the weather maps I've just noticed how smack in the middle your state is between NC and CA! Maybe on my drive across this great land of ours this summer I can stop in and run with you. (I'll hop in on about your mile 23 and you'll still smoke me - but it would be fun anyway,eh?) Peace my friend!