Sunday, October 19, 2008

I need slower friends

I stole the title of this post from RBR, sorry girl, you need less hot friends and I need slower ones.

One of my good friends from the running club ran the Indianapolis marathon yesterday and qualified for Boston! He ran a 3:20 which was exactly what he needed to qualify. I think he made it by 20-30 seconds. I'm so happy for him but at the same time I'm extremely jealous and more than a little intimidated. He has always been much faster than me. He was one of the first "fast people" to invite me to run with the "fast group". So my problem is if he can barely run a 3:20 how the hell can I ever expect to run a 3:15? I'm basically saying that I will run faster than him! I can't fathom that ever happening. Oh well, I'm still happy for him.

We have more than a few people from OKC who have qualified for Boston this year. I'm hoping for a big group trip there. I will be the Oklahoma cheering section for all of them! I've never been to Boston but I hear they have good beer. I'll be able to drink it every night since I won't be running! yea for me.

Tonight my kids want to camp out in the back yard. My oldest son has already set up the tent and I have a fire going in the fire pit. My little man wants to sleep in the tent but he will never make it all night. The last time we tried this he talked non-stop for about an hour and then decided he was too scared to sleep in the tent and went inside. I have absolutely no problem with him being scared because my back cannot take sleeping in a tent all night. I plan to stay out with them until the little one has had enough and then retire comfortably to my bed. Should be fun, we even have marshmallows to roast. 

Congrats to Sarah and Ryan on a great race in KC. Love the pictures of my favorite city.

Thanks for listening.


Southbay Girl said...

well hang with me for I am alot slower!

JenZen said...

You will TOTALLY get there!! Look how far you've come already. Patience young grasshopper. You can do it!!!

And Boston has GREAT beer. It's an AWESOME city. You're gonna love it!