Thursday, October 9, 2008

Somebody stop me!!!

I can't stop eating! I am so hungry all the time since the marathon on Sunday. I eat and eat and never feel full. I think something may be broken between my brain and my stomach. The message just isn't getting through that I've eaten an entire cow and MUST STOP EATING OR I'LL EXPLODE!

Hello Mr. Brain, this is the stomach, we are good and full now please stop sending food.

What? I couldn't hear you I was noticing the cookies in the cabinet.

No bad idea, we can't fit cookies, we can't fit anything more.

Did you say more? OK arms and legs, go for the cookies.


Did you say Moo? Yes steak would be lovely.

AHHHH, make some room in the leg, we've got incoming!

Thanks for listening


JenZen said...

HAHa - you totally sound like me. I have done nothing but pig out since my long run on Wednesday. Ohh - but wings, and ice cream and chips and salsa and potato soup and salad and popcorn taste soooo good. :)

Calyx Meredith said...

I have days (and sometimes weeks) like that too! I find myself humming the "hungry hungry hippo" song to myself as I graze without ceasing. Hope your stomach doesn't pop. :D As for your SOS Marathon - it sounds like you had a great run even if if did knock your BQ goal back in time a bit. (What do they say - carve the goal in stone but the completion date in sand?) Is your leg better? (PS - Missed you while I was gone from blogland. Thanks for the msgs - they helped!)

RBR said...

Uh, yeah... if you can figure out how to do that let me know because I am certain I will die like an overfed goldfish with a gastric rupture.

RBR said...

Oh, and where are my buffalo pictures???

Humpf! *with arms crossed petulantly*