Friday, October 3, 2008

A pause to remember

I want to take moment away from my running and problems to remember Paul Newman.

For me, Paul Newman will always be Sully Sullivan in the movie Nobody's Fool. That movie really made an impression on me and I've always related to the Sully character. I have always thought that this role really was Paul's best role and I've always hoped that he was a lot like that character. He seemed so natural in that role. 

If you haven't seen this movie I won't ruin it for you but I highly recommend you see it. I will tell you when I watch it I see myself in a few years. Cleaning up the mistakes I've made, I only hope I can end up as good a man as Sully in the end. It gives me hope that even a guy like me who seems to make a mess of whatever he does might be able to make some amends over time. That there may be some good left in me no matter how deep it gets buried some times.

I hope to sometime soon get some time alone and spend a day watching Paul Newman movies. Check out the Team Hole in the Wall site to see Paul's wonderful charity. Maybe I'll run a race for them sometime soon.

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RBR said...

Nice tribute. I can't believe he was 83. Christ! Time flies. Reminds one to give themselves a break and appreciate the good life they have built for themselves and their family. I am just sayin'...