Saturday, October 18, 2008

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is....

"Hey let's go out to dinner tonight"
"Sure that sounds like fun"

This innocent little conversation caused me much trouble today. You see my boss and I are not really good for each other. We have many of the same interests and likes which you would think would be wonderful. It would be wonderful if those interests were something along the lines of self-improvement or something for the betterment of society. Our interests, however, are more in line with self-destructive tendencies and destruction of all moral standards.

Our biggest problem is a deep love of Whisky. I must admit that I started this effort to destroy our livers. He was merely an innocent bystander who had a fleeting interest in my self-destructive love for the golden nectar and was drawn into the effort. Oh how it pains me now to remember. I believe it went something like, "Hey I'd like to try that", "OK, here". (We're not deep conversationalists if you haven't noticed).

So anyway, at work yesterday it was suggested that we go to dinner together that night down in Norman. I may have brought it up, I don't remember and it doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that "Going to dinner" == "Come down to my house and drink". We bring our wives and actually do go eat somewhere but those two points are meaningless. The real focus of these events is to sip Whisky and act like fools.

I had made plans to run 18 miles with a friend at 5:45 AM on Saturday morning. Did this factor into my decision to partake? No. Did it influence me to say, "no more I've got to run in the morning"? No.

We ate BBQ (mixes well with Whisky once shaken in the stomach) and drank until 11. I got up and ran my 18 miles but my stomach was PISSED! It still is. I haven't had this much pain in a long time. I've eaten a million Tums but they are like throwing a glass of water on a raging inferno.

On the plus side, I did run 18 this morning and I ran a pretty good pace for most of it. As good as it was, I am further convinced that I have run too many marathons this year. I still don't feel smooth or relaxed. A 3:30 would be wonderful in December.

Congrats to Sarah and Ryan who ran the Kansas City half marathon today. I'm sure by now they are both kicking back on the Plaza enjoying a wonderful day in KC. Maybe even eating some BBQ (Oh goodness, just the thought makes me ill!). Enjoy your day and have a safe trip home.

Thanks for listening

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RBR said...

Ugh! I don't feel so good just thinking about that! I can;t believe you ran 18 miles at your crazy pace after that.