Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting there

Work has kept me very busy this week and may be responsible for the crappy way I'm feeling today.

I have been fighting a head cold since I ran through the night with Reese in his Ultra. After that run I hit the van for some sleep and woke up with severe allergy problems. I thought it was just because I was drained and I was in the Texas woods. It seems I've never really gotten rid of those problems. My head was stuffed every night this week and I had trouble sleeping. Add this to a late night on Tuesday and it pushed my body over the edge into a full blown head cold. I suppose I didn't have time to have a cold Thursday so it waited until Friday to fully set in. My eyes are itchy and red and my head feels like a lead balloon.

I was able to get a run in Thursday night. 4 miles around my house ending at the gym where I took full advantage of the wonders of the hot tub. God bless hot tubs and all the joyous bubbly goodness they offer.

Friday I had way to many hours to stay at work all day so I took off after lunch and headed for the Oklahoma ocean known as Lake Hefner. I was under the influence of many different cold and allergy pills so my head felt pretty good. I decided I'd run a full lap and just spend the day on the trails. Those blessed Oklahoma wind Gods were giving us their best out of the SouthWest so it made for some difficult and slow running. But it was running none the less and I was happy to be able to do it. I got my 9 miles in with some very slow running and some even slower walking.

Once I made it home the full force of the my cold hit and I was out. I fell asleep around 5, woke up every now and then, but was basically worthless for the rest of the evening. At some point I took some Nyquil and lost consciousness in a recliner. I woke up around 1 AM and felt worse.

I was planning to run 12 miles with the training group this morning but never made it out of the chair until late morning still feeling bad. No running for Willie today. We'll see how tomorrow works out.

I hope to get back on a normal schedule very soon. I should be worried about what kind of time I'm going to run at the OKC Memorial Marathon but what I really want, what I really miss is that feeling of being able to train the way I want to. To go out and run speedwork or a tempo run and not worry about every little pain I feel. To run around a turn at full stride. To be in the middle of a run and not have to resist the urge to pick up the pace when the feeling hits. I want to chase those demons away again, outrun them and leave them behind. I want my heart back.

I'll get there. Baby steps, baby steps.

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Oh - I hear the yearning in your post!! I hope, hope, hope that you get to run your way again very, very soon! Hang in there pal!

Southbay Girl said...

I was sick for over a I know how you feel!!

I'm really sorry you feel like crap and aren't running like you want to!! You will!! Maybe your body needs the rest?? I always use that reasoning when I can't run!!

Sarah said...

Willie, my dear friend, how are you feeling today? I had the cold/flu all last week and it sucked total you-know-what. I was down and out for the count and the only thing that helped was sleep and sinus meds (for some strange reason). Anyway, drink those fluids, take that Emergen-C, and get back out there!

I can't believe you're running again already. Despite what you think, I think you're body heals on overdrive. I wish my fall groin-pull healed half as fast as your knees. Amazing. So, still thinking OKC? Are you going to do Tulsa? I'd really love to meet your iconic self in person!

middle-of-the-pack Girl aka Terri said...

Willie, i hope you are feeling better very soon.Maybe you should take a few more days, or take a sick day and jsut stay in bed all day and sleep. It always works for me, that and all the different types of drugs to take like you did this past weekend.

By the way, thanks so much for the note you left on my blog about running fast and furious. I owe much of my time on Sunday to you - I just kept thinking of those words over and over, especially on the hill.