Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have nothing really to post but many, many, many random thoughts circling the pea-sized gray matter in my head.

So I thought I'd share!
I spent a lazy Sunday morning catching up on all my virtual friends activities and I must say that you guys and gals are ROCKING! Everyone seems to have put in an awesome month of running, biking, and swimming. Makes me feel good to be associated with people like you.

I've become addicted to the Big R Radio 80's Metal FM channel on ITunes radio! Holy crap they play good music. Makes me want to go buy 2-3 cans of hairspray and some leather tights!

Looked at my son's college savings plan this morning for the first time in months. I think I would have gotten better gains if I had just taken my monthly contribution and burned it for heat. Sorry son, Community Colleges aren't all that bad, I went to a bunch of them and look at me! Yea, I know, not the best example. Go Air Force. Learn the song son, that's all I'm going to say.

I'm going to swim again today. Actually looking forward to it. My skin is not though. The pool really dries out my skin, I feel a little like a Gator. If this is how they feel, no wonder the football team sucks so much! Ha! Sorry Jen, couldn't resist.

My little one just stumbled in. He's out of the cast and trying to walk again BTW. I know I haven't kept you up to date with his healing, sorry. He still has trouble putting weight on his leg but he's getting better. The biggest problem is that he's cute as hell and it's hard to not want to pick him up and carry him everywhere. Must force him to walk more. Oh, and he grew really long, dark hair on his leg while his cast was on! It's really weird, he has one leg with no hair and one that looks like a gorilla. He calls it his man-leg.

I've been playing Guitar Hero World Tour with the Big One lately. I love the drums! We made a video of us playing Metallica last weekend. I was going to post it but it's a little too dorky even for me. It was really fun though.

My dog is a dork.

Today is Mardi Gras marathon day. I wish I were there. I'd be running right now, probably on mile 15 or so. Those are the good miles too. 15-20 are the hard ones, my favorite. That's where I figure out how my race will go. I'm either going to die on those miles or I won't. If I get through them it's going to be a good day. If not, well, you guys know how that goes.

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Pat Summitt goes for her 1,000th win tomorrow night - against Oklahoma! Made me think of you.

You should definitely post your Metallica video jam. We wouldn't laugh. Seriously.

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl aka Terri said...

I laughed when you read about buying hair spray with heavy metal - awesome! When I was in high school, it was our goal to see how high we could get our bangs off of our head - one of my friends got to about 6-8 inches - it was truly impressive!

Your dog is a dork?! This we need to hear about.

Glad to hear the little guy has his cast off.

don't worry Willie you'll come back stronger when you do start up running again - just think of how much stronger your lungs are getting with all of that swimming.

p.s.. I got a PR today with my 5K!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the update on Little One! I've been wondering about that guy. Glad to hear he's getting around now.

You should DEFINITELY post your Metallica video! Rock on! We (well, my husband and our friends) played World Tour and it looks complicated. My husband is a drummer and he played the drums on the game and it is quite different. I can do guitar and bass, but can't sing. Scratch that, I can sing but it is not very attractive. I have a very high pitched annoying voice. :) I would love to see you on the drums!

Don't be down about the running! You'll be back out there in no time. You have to rest up, heal up, and then be good and ready to run Tulsa in the fall. You'll be plenty finished by the time I cross the line but I'd like to see you there!!

RYC: Thank you for the kind words yesterday. Yesterday I had my first presentation in loan committee all by myself. It went very well until my old boss decided to unload all of her b$%#$ness on me in front of EVERYONE! She wouldn't even look at me in the face. It was awful. Because I'm a newbie in this position and not confident I just had to set there and take it. It wasn't a direct attack at me personally, but it came across that way. Sadness, but that's life. I need to get tough and figuratively "grow a pair." :) Thanks for the encouragement!

JenZen said...

SOoo...if you feel like a Gator then you feel like a WINNER!!!!! :-) And wait - you're an enginerd..your gray matter HAS to be a little bigger than pea sized. Had to laugh out loud at the "man-leg". I broke my arm when I was about 8 and I remember how disgusting it was when they took the cast off. Hope you're healing well!!

Gmello said...

I have a marathon in myrtle beach this weekend and you're so right about miles 15 through 20. Make or break time. I'm hoping for make.