Sunday, February 15, 2009

Return to Innocence

I was so excited for the 16 mile training run with the OKC Memorial training group this morning. I knew it would be a challenge for me since I hadn't run that long in over a month. I ran Friday just to test out the knee and it went well so I was feeling really good about the run.

I spent more time preparing for this run than I have spent for some marathons. I even brought some E-Gel. E-Gel for a 16 mile run! Yea I was a little excited.

I had trouble sleeping because I was excited. I was up at 4 AM so I decided to begin hydrating. I did manage to get a few minutes of sleep before I was up and out the door at 6 AM. I had planned on hitting the bathroom before the run since the run was hosted by the Bass Pro Shop and I figured they would have their doors open so we could use the facilities and stay warm before the run. Well I figured wrong. They were only planning to open the building after the run so I was a little water-logged at the beginning of the run. I knew there was a McDonald's just after mile 3 so I wasn't too worried. McDonalds only had their drive-through open. Now I could be in real trouble. Next stop would be a porta-potty that USED to be at a construction site a few miles away. Must have finished the construction. Back teeth now having boat races.

GOD BLESS 7-ELEVEN! Salvation in the Slurpee heaven.

The run was uneventful from there on until I got to mile 14. This was on the finishing road of the Memorial marathon course and it has portions that are paved with bricks. I am hoping that is what caused the pain in my knee to begin. I stopped at the water station at mile 14 and figured that was enough and didn't want to push any amount of pain. I walked across town, down through the bar district, along the river walk and came up near the ballpark which is right next to Bass Pro. I jogged the last 1/2 mile just to see if the pain returned. It didn't.

Now I'm laying in bed suffering. This is AWESOME! I haven't been sore from a 14 mile run in a long time. My thighs are sore, my calfs are sore, I have that old beat-up feeling. I love it!! This is like when you give up coffee for awhile and how that first cup gives you the high again.

Gotta go suffer some more. Love it!!!

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Yay for a 16 miler!! Glad you're the good kind of sore and hope the knee pain doesn't come back.

Sarah said...

YYYYEEEEAAAAA!!!!! You're back, baby! Great job, Willie!

Enjoy that 14 (16)-miler suffering!

glenstanley said...

7 Eleven has saved me two weeks in a row. Are you tackling the hills this weekend?

Gmello said...

"My back teeth were doing boat races" lol, you funny.