Thursday, January 29, 2009

Group showers and other wet and wild adventures

I took Wednesday off from any type of exercise just because. No particular reason, I just didn't get up to go to the gym in the morning and I didn't go to the pool after work. Felt pretty good.

Wednesday night I put put my work clothes and packed my gym bag so I could get out of the house without actually having to wake up and make it to the gym to do my core workout. I woke up this morning on time and went into the closet to get dressed. I made it to the front door and got my keys, wallet, Ipod, and sunglasses and was almost out the door before I realized I didn't have my gym bag. It was still in the closet. I went back and grabbed my gym bag and shuffled out of the house. I got in the truck and made it about a mile down the road before I noticed I didn't have my work clothes. They were still hanging in my closet. So I turned around drove back home to get my clothes (my work has this weird policy about wearing clothes to work! They don't explicitly state that you can't show up naked but I've been warned they frown on it). Got the clothes, got the gym bag, got my head on straight, and I'm ready.

I was really late getting to the gym but I saw my buddy's car in the parking lot so I knew I hadn't missed the whole workout. Only problem was I couldn't find him inside anywhere! I looked all around the gym (yes I looked like a freak wandering around) but couldn't find him. So I decided to just go do some core work on my own. I got a mat out and laid down on it. And looked up at the ceiling, and kept looking at the ceiling, looking, looking, looking, more looking. Ah screw it, I'm going to work! I got up and went into the locker room showered, shaved, got dressed and was heading out the door when I had a frightening thought. "Did I just go to the gym and do nothing but have a group shower with a bunch of other men?" Yes it troubled me all day thank you very much.

I hit the pool again after work and it was WONDERFUL!

I am now able to get totally lost in thought while swimming lap after lap and I don't even partially drown! Big improvement for Willie. I swam another mile tonight and took a rough time check. I did 32 laps in about 40 minutes. That includes the time I spend clinging to the wall at the end of each 4 lap set gasping for air and getting the water out of my goggles. I'm not concerned about time at all but I was hoping that it at least would take me an hour. I did a calorie count on the Internet last night and it said swimming only burns about 450 calories an hour. That means I'm not even burning 500 calories!! It sure as hell feels like I'm burning a ton more calories while swimming than when I'm running. Maybe that calorie calculator didn't take into account my horribly inefficient stroke. I honestly believe that any progress I've made is not because I've gotten better but that the water is just getting out of my way now because it's tired of being beat to a pulp every time Willie hits the pool. Yes, it's true, I put fear into water! Nothing is free from the wrath of Willie.

Oh yea, I also did a flip turn tonight! My first eeeevvvveeeerrrr thank you very much. I actually did a total of 3 but only one of them didn't end with me flying out of the water gasping for air and choking on a gallon of water so the others don't count. Go me.

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

Happy blogger birthday to you! Great job on the pool workouts! You should now sign up for the B2B!

Sarah said...

Happy Blogger Birthday!

I just have to say that I absolutely love when I log onto the internet and my reader tells me that you've posted a new post. I love reading your posts; they are funny but still show your AMAZING strength and athletic prowess. Gheesh dude, look at those freaking amazing pool workouts! My jaw literally dropped on your workout from a couple days ago when you were pissed. A-mazing. Maybe I should get in the pool. I'm a pretty good dog-paddler. :)

Have a great day and an even better weekend. Not to bring up a "sore" subject, but how's the knee?

RBR said...

Nice. You swim for a month and you already kick my ass. It wasn't enough that you run TWICE as fast as me? Now you have to drown me in your wake as well?


Thanks buddy.

And after I posted airplane pictures for you and everything... *sniff*

p.s. Happy Blogger birthday! Man, it has been a year already. I hope to get to see you again soon!

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl aka Terri said...

Ooh My God - a flip turn??! You're awesome! Yeah, I don't think I could even swim remotely as much as you did - I am pretty much the worst swimmer on earth.

Ok, now I've got a question - you mentioned the group shower - it's weird. our gym has separate showers for women, but for the men - it's a group shower thing. I don't get it. neither does my husband. Why the difference?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending your blog address to me via landrunner forum. Happying blogging birthday.

Blogging is such a fun tool and great way to communicate with others.

You'll be able to see my blog via this comment. I get pretty goofy on mine but I have fun with it.