Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Willie!!

Before you read this please remember that I'm not running OK? Just want to set your expectations.

I'm swimming.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Hey look, Krill!
Remember Dori?? From Finding Nemo?

Anyway, I'm swimming now since I can't run. I joined a gym again this year since my company pays for it. I didn't really use it last year since I hate treadmills and well, gyms in general. This new gym has a pool though! I like pools. They have water and usually a hot tub. I like hot tubs too.

I have tried to swim in the past. I've actually even done a few sprint triathlons in my time. I like the idea of biking and running in the same race. Swimming? Not so much. I remember finishing the swim next to kids who were getting on bikes with training wheels. They could swim but I kicked their butts on the bike and run!! I just can't swim well. I try, I really do, but I can't breathe under water and I need to breathe a lot. How do you people breathe in the water?? I just can't get the technique. I can't dance the electric slide either so maybe that explains it. Why can't they have a 2-step version of freestyle breathing? I could do that. Or maybe a drunk stagger around the dance floor version? Ok too many dance references I know.

Since my pathetic attempt at running on Saturday, I've hit the gym everyday trying to beat my body down enough to make it think it had run. I did lots of core work and have now swam 3 days in a row. I still suck. It is a GREAT workout though. Inefficient swimming really makes you tired. Did I mention that every treadmill in the place was filled with people running and enjoying themselves? Well they were. Every one of them pointed and laughed at me as I slumped by them on my way to the pool. Why must they rub it in? Stupid knee.

Oh and get this, I'm going to LA on Wednesday! My annual trip out west where the sun shines and they have a path that follows the beach for miles and miles. The place where celebrities jog and wave at other runners. The place where you can run out on a pier and take wonderful pictures on the beach. TOO BAD I WON'T BE RUNNING THIS TIME! Ok, so you know that won't last right? As soon as I get near the beach I will run. How can I not? I know myself too well. I'll run and my knee will hurt and I will add another 2 weeks to my recovery. I suck.

The travel channel had a special on Bar Food last night and they profiled a bar in Santa Monica called "Finn McCools". It looks really cool so I've got to find it and go there this weekend. Maybe if I drink enough Guinness I won't feel my knee!

Thanks for listening


Southbay Girl said...

I've been to Finn's...had beer there and bar!!!! maybe we could NOT RUN together this weekend??? HA HA! Mind you running with me is like not running because I'm so slow.

I'm around. I work thursday and friday of this week, off on the weekend and then I work monday, tuesday and wednesday.

Unfortunately there aren't any runs this weekend-bummer.

let me know how long you'll be in So Cal

Calyx Meredith said...

You are so Willie! That's why I love you man. Of course you're going to run in the sun when you're not supposed to run at all! Good job with the swimming. I bet you will kick my ass - even in the swimming part - when we get to do a triathlon together someday. But I think it will be great! Safe travels!

Kristina said...

I love Dori from Nemo! That's all :) Have a good trip!

Terri said...

Hey Willie, can you do aqua running? My running partner last summer called herself a duck and tried to ignore the boredom, but at least that way she kind of felt like she was running. I know it's not the same.

So jealous you are going to LA! Although I don't absolutely love the city itself, you can't beat its weather.