Monday, January 5, 2009

What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks!!!!


Pace (min/mile)

Tonight was a nice easy 4 mile run around the block. Only one problem, it's freakin' cold! I think it was 30 degrees when I started. I felt great for 2 miles then OUCH!

Someone stabbed my left knee with an ice pick! Holy Crap that hurt. Had to stop.

No pain. Walked a little, still no pain.

Ran again, no pain. Yea! It was just a temporary pain, whatever it was grew back quickly.

OUCH! what the crap was that? Had to stop again.

We're walking, we're walking, we're running we're running OUCH, $%^@, Stupid-#(*@ing !@#hole knee!

This must be just because it's cold, right? I decided that I'd stop at my shoe/crack dealer and order a new pair, i.e. another hit, of GTS 8's. This time I want the yellow and black ones so I knew I would have to order them. Surprise! They're 35% off! Yea for me. I thought about ordering 2 pairs until I discovered why they were on sale. Brooks has brought out the GTS 9! Oooooo they are sexy too. May have to do them next so only got 1 pair of the 8's.

Ok back to the #^$%ing knee pain. Doctor FeelGood/shoe/crack dealer confirmed that it was probably the cold weather and that I had aggravated the little sacks behind the knee cap. He told me to keep my leg straight tonight and try not to bend it much. He even offered to give me a knee strap to help get me home and also offered to loan me a coat since I'd have to walk home. This is why I love local shoe stores. Can't get that kind of service on-line!

So I walked it home, actually limped is a better term. It hurt really bad and I was cursing outloud to no one much of the way.

So here I sit with my leg straight getting ready to watch my beloved Buckeyes play the vile Texas (pronounced Tex-ass) longhorns tonight. I know it's a long shot and that the Big Ten is really struggling this year but I just have this feeling that Ohio State is going to pull it out tonight. Jim Tressel is such a wonderful man and deserves to beat the living crap out of those cattle. FEAR THE VEST!!!

Thanks for listening!


Southbay Girl said...

I love that it's pronounced TEX-ASS for I HATE that wrong of me? I'm cheering for Ohio State...let me tell you,that doesn't happen very often!!

Terri said...

Oh Willie, I hope for your sake it was just the cold. Did you stretch beforehand? (i know some people don't believe in it but it usually helps me.) A good stretch that my physical therapist recommended to me for knee pain is to lie on your back, keep one leg straight and on the ground. Pick the other one up, keeping it straight, and loop a belt around the foot of the leg you've picked up. Pull the leg toward you until you can't really move it any closer. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Do that again, but now turn your leg and foot a bit to the left. Hold for 15 seconds, then relax, and then hold the foot and leg again, but turning it to the right.

You can repeat it of course. It helped me with what we thought was either tendonitis, or inflammation of the "palpateis" (sp?).

Hopefully the way I described it makes sense.

Oh, and you probably want to ice it too?

Glad to hear you like This I Believe too!

JenZen said...

AT LEAST we agree on one thing. Tex-ASS IS VILE! (this coming from an Aggie...of course). Stupid, dang t.u.

I have a knee strap and I HEART it. It really helps when my @*%hole knees flare up too. (your conversations with your knees sound oddly familiar...)

RBR said...

C'mon. You KNOW your ass looks hot in capris.

I especially love the ones that say "sexy" across the back.


Calyx Meredith said...

Hope the knee pain is gone for good!

Sarah said...

That knee business sounds awful. I just saw in this month's Runners World some tape that is supposed to be fabulous for runner's knee. I wonder if it really works. The olympians used it, so it has to work, right? ;) That is super cool about the guy at your running store. What service!

Hey, how is little one recovering? Has he got to cruise on the big wheel yet? :)

RYC: Thanks for your concern and climbing on your soapbox. I know I need to put my health in the forefront if I ever want to become a great athlete. Sometimes its just hard to remember, believe it or not. Thanks for everything, especially your great advice and uplifting comments. As I like to say to you (whether you believe it or not) you are quite a blessing, my friend. :)

JenZen said...

How's the knee doing???? We need you all healed up and ready to go so that you can run Mardi Gras in your orange and blue shirt!!! :)

Hope you're feeling better!