Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was recently lamenting my dismay (please note the words lamenting and dismay in the same sentence) with Brooks discontinuing the Infiniti model shoe which is my all-time favoritest shoe.

sidebar: I haven't actually bought these shoes for a few shoe cycles but that was only because Brooks limited the available colors of the Infiniti to puke orange and ass-colored something else.

So I was talking about this when someone mentioned that they buy their shoes online because they can still buy older models. What a brilliant idea! The Internet! Why didn't I think of that? I'll tell you why. Because I have a deep love for the local running store. Any local running store. There's just something special about having a place to go and talk running with people who share my passion. The local running store is like a favorite bar that you go to see those people that know you and you know them. You could drink at home but it wouldn't be the same would it?

So now I have a problem. I found my favorite color of Infiniti's online and they have my size but my guilt has kept me from clicking that little "buy" button. What should I do? I pose this question to the few of you who still bother to come by and listen to my dribble.

Thanks for listening


RBR said...

I have similar loyalties and guilt over local businesses and internet shopping, but running shoes are so specific and the wrong ones can create such problems that I say buy them and go buy a couple of pairs of overpriced socks and some Gu at the LRS it will make you feel better.

I think it is when we turn our backs on local business completely or worse yet, use their expertise and inventory to 'test' what we want to purchase and then buy from internet sources that it is almost criminal.

My show is endangered and if my LRS does not carry it anymore (I have bought all of my shoes from them and my big ass goes through some shoes!) I will look online,and when it is gone for good I will be back at the LRS for a fitting and to buy a new brand/style them them.

Just my two cents

RBR said...

'shoe' not 'show'. Not enough coffee yet. I am working on that.

Terri said...

If you know they are the right shoes for you, then I say, buy them. I have usually bought my shoes at the local store, but if it's a second pair of shoes, etc., and I know they are the right model for me, then I'm ok with buying them online. In that way you are not "using" the person at the store - you already got their advice and said thank you by buying a pair at the store at the time, right?

Wow, puke orange. Now that is criminal, and I don't blame you for not buying those!