Sunday, March 2, 2008

The hills are alive with the sound of.. footsteps??

Today was 12 miles on the Edmond hills. Although some of you (myself included) don't believe there are any hills in Oklahoma, there are some areas that are rolling areas of non-flatness. Even pancakes have bumps. So I ran with the OKC Landrunners this morning which I absolutely love. So many personalities and characters that I always find someone interesting to run with. Today I ran with my dentist who is training for his first marathon. He is doing great and seems to really enjoy running although he says he is only doing 1 marathon and that's it. Yea, right, I think I said that also. He'll get hooked just like the rest of us. At one point a young woman caught up to us and we discovered that she was a dental hygienist. So I was running between a dentist and a dental hygienist. I was afraid to smile, I didn't want them to see my teeth. I also expected them to say, "OK spit" all the time. Actually they were quite pleasant and we had a great time. The wind was out of the South again blowing about 12 miles/hr. We ran North for 6 and then back into the wind for the last 6. Wind SUCKS! I past a couple people who said they felt like they were moving their arms and legs but didn't think they were going anywhere! The wind really does sweep down the plains in OoooooKlahomaaaa!

Took some pictures of everybody running with my cell phone. Unfortunately many are blurry because I was running also. I am becoming the unofficial photographer of these training runs but I seem to suck at it. Last time I couldn't get the lighting right and my pictures were blurry, this time I was running so my pictures are blurry. Can you get fired from an unofficial job? If so I'm in trouble.

Thanks for listening


PKPWV said...

No i don't think you can get fired from an unofficial position! Not many people would volunteer to take pictures!!!

I like your hills! They are rolling!!!

Maurice said...

Sorry I missed the run in Edmond. I like that run because I think it is the best long workout you can get in this area. Here is an article about Yasso 800's

RBR said...

My word! I do believe I see some small inclines there!

Is OKC Landrunners your run club? I am thinking of joining one, but I am afraid of being too slow. They are probably so happy that someone is chronicling their runs, they don't even notice the technique! I think your pics look great!