Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thunderstorms, Power Outages, Fire alarms, etc...

I'm still not feeling great. My head is still stuffed up and I'm not sleeping well. I haven't run since Saturday and I'm feeling fat, slow, and lazy. I absolutely hate missing my weekend long runs. They are my weekly devotional to all that is Willie and I just don't feel like myself when I miss them.

Just to make my sickness a little more unbearable, the Oklahoma weather Gods decided to send us some pretty fierce thunderstorms last night. I usually sleep very well when it rains, I love the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. It reminds me of growing up on my grandpa's farm and his tin roof. Last night, however, I mistakenly took the non-drowsy decongestant before bed so I was awake most of the night listening to the damn pitter-patter for hours! You know how you get when you want to sleep but can't. Then you get pissed off that you're not sleeping which only makes it worse. Then you just get totally frustrated and turn on some worthless late-night TV. Who the hell buys the damn Ronko food processor at 3 in the morning! AHH!

So I go to work this morning a little on the down side already and wouldn't you know it, I'm there less than an hour and the power goes out in our building. So everything is pitch-black and quiet, except, oh, what's this... The damn elevator music they pipe into our building as background noise must be on a backup system. We loose all the important computer systems and lighting, but Zamphir and his damn pan flute are still coming through loud and clear. I guess we have our priorities in order.

So about the time I am going to send everyone home since we can't do anything in a dark building, the power comes back on. Thanks a lot. So I get back to work and start working a problem for a few hours and then the fire alarm goes off. Of course it took me a minute to figure out if it was the fire alarm or the tornado warning (big difference in how I would respond). Once I decided it was the fire alarm I remembered that IT'S F$%^ING STORMING OUTSIDE! Great, almost wish it was a tornado, at least I could stay inside. I ventured out into the rain where I stayed for awhile contemplating why I didn't become a lawyer and work in a nice office in California.

Finally got back in the building and back to work. I was on the verge of solving a problem but needed some help from out New York office. I got a software engineer on the phone and we were walking through the problem when, guess what, they lost power in New York! Her computer and office went dead while I was on the phone with her. Something in the air today I guess.
Came home not feeling great. I had been taking decongestant all day and I was really worn out but I really needed to run. I was supposed to do 8 miles tonight but it was still raining and cold and I didn't want to chance it outside (you would have loved it Southbay girl!) so I went to the gym. I ran for about 20 minutes on the indoor track and then did Pilates.


PKPWV said...

Rainy and cool? I'm so jealous!!!! It's my favorite weather to run in! Nothing better than it being cool and wet! Willie you can have my sun! But I'll take the beer, wine and margaritas that go well with the sun!!!

RBR said...

What a crappy day! Sorry to hear that. At least you got a run in. I had my first day back at work, but I wasn't quite up to a work out yet. I am going to try to run tomorrow.

Love the puppy piddle picture. I have had those days.

Calyx Meredith said...

Yay you for getting a run in even with all those factors stacked against you! Sorry for the suckitude - but perhaps it clears the way for a period of smooth sailing? Here's hoping the rest of the week is great health, weather, work AND run-wise. Peace.

Ok - my word verification looks like "lurve dinghy"!