Saturday, March 29, 2008

Through the miles

I've been on the road since last Monday and am very glad to be home. I spent last week in New York where it was in the 30's and 40's and snowed late in the week. It was in the 80's all week back home in Oklahoma so I was a little peeved that I missed the good weather. Usually I love NY because I can get some great hill workouts but this time I didn't get to run any hills. I had a great trip otherwise.

I ran 6 miles on Monday after getting off the airplane so everything in my body was tight and didn't want to move. I slugged on and got a good run in but I was supposed to do 12 that day so I slacked off a little. I did some Pilates in the hotel room on Tuesday but didn't run and I should have. Tuesday was the nicest day of the week and it went down hill from there. Wednesday it was cold and I met up with some old friends for a great Italian dinner of Gnocchi and whiskey and more whiskey and, oh yea, more whiskey. We end the evening by going to a big grocery store and raiding their dark chocolate isle for desert! OHHH (insert Homer Simpson voice) Dark Chocolate! Needless to say, not only didn't I run, I probably fell off the wagon a little and regressed in my training but I don't see these friends often so I'll call it a special event and move on. Thursday we headed up to our airport and I got in 8 miles before dinner. This was interesting because I had never run in this area before and ended up running in some really busy areas. I was almost roadkill a couple times. I even heard some squirrels and opossums making snide comments about how stupid I was to be running on those roads! I survived and made it back (late) for dinner at a GREAT BBQ joint! 

Woke up Friday morning to get on a plane and it was snowing, hard. Luckily we were in a place that knows about snow and it wasn't a big deal for them. Our plane made it out of there and we got home safe and sound. The 80 degree weather was gone though, and it is now cold here! Oklahoma weather Gods have a weird sense of humor.

I ran 14 miles this morning with the Oklahoma Landrunners and had a wonderful time. It was misty and a little cold but not too bad. Actually wonderful running weather, Southbay Girl would have loved it. We ran the hilly course here in Edmond and had a great crowd. I met some new people and ran with some old friends. It it great to be home. 

OKC marathon in a couple weeks, I'm nervous but am feeling good after the leg problem and a cold. Things usually come in 3's so I'm waiting on the last ailment and trying to take it easy. Not much I can do in these last few weeks but maintain and hopefully not get hurt! 

ALMOST FORGOT: My son is on the middle school track team and he ran his time trials this week. He WON the 400 and the 800! He also ran a 6:03 in the mile. OK, that's my best mile time from last year. I am very proud of him but this is not good, I've got some work to do to stay ahead of him. Soon, I guess, I will have work to do to stay UP with him, then it will be work to do to stay within reach of him, then I'll just cut his allowance every time he beats me! That'll show him.

Thanks for listening 


Southbay Girl said...

Hi. I wanted to run in a race this morning at 7am-but I thought sleep might be a better idea since I had just gotten off work at 5am. Yeah I just got up! And I so can't wait to go on a run with my girl to the trails-a sunset run for me. I don't know how far I'll muster-it's sunny here. A nice cool Oklahoma wind would be nice! Glad you had fun in NY! And glad you got runs and drinking in! I'll have to introduce you to some of my favorite whiskey!! Now I must get my fat arse out of the house to run errands since most of my saturday is gone! Sometimes the film business sucks!!! Why couldn't I have a normal job that has normal hours???

RBR said...

I was wondering where my dear Willie was. Sounds like you had a great trip AND got some good running in.

Very cool for your son. I would definitely hold the allowance thing over your son. Just because he is young and fast doesn't mean he has to show up the old man! ;o)

Ok, funny story. I have this weird thing where i think I see people I know on the bike trail. Fortunately, I have learned to CONFIRM it is them before I start acting like an idiot. Today, I was convinced I saw you! I was like, "What the hell?! Willie is in San Jose and he doesn't even tell me?" Then the guy runs by and he is clearly not you , but he was wearing a gray shirt (like the once from your marathon picture) Lord, sometimes I worry about myself. Good thing you don't sign any legal documents while running. I would probably own the London Bridge.

Calyx Meredith said...

So I wasn't the only one out of the cyber loop this week. Glad you had a good trip with the friends, whiskey and chocolate! I tend to think of those things as rejuvenating and good for training in the long run (if not necessarily so helpful in terms of getting your next scheduled run in.) Hope the OKC weather gods are better to you soon. Maybe they're just saving all the good stuff for the morning of the marathon? Also - two of our five are middle schoolers but neither of them are interested in "just" running. (Running + a frisbee, basketball, or soccer ball? Yes. Running + nothing else? No.) How fun for you to have a built in running buddy! You'll have to send me some of your secrets for getting your kids to run with you. Peace my friend!