Saturday, March 1, 2008

See Willie get a medal!

Deer Creek Classic 10K this morning was awesome! The weather was perfect except for the wind which was out the south at 12 miles/hour. My son and I had a great time and I got 3rd place in my age division!!!! Yea! I couldn't believe it, I was impressed. I'm not going to say what my age division is because that's none of you business, but let's just say it's not too old and not too young but somewhere in the middle. I felt good the entire race, taking it easy for the first mile and picking it up after that. The course was flat (duh! it's Oklahoma) and fast. There was one part at about mile 4 that was on gravel. It was also somewhat uphill and directly into the wind so it was a challenge. I passed a couple people at that point and they looked really beat. By my watch I ran 45:19 which sucks because I wanted to break 45. I will have to wait for the chip time to see how I really did but all in all I'm so happy! Not because I got a medal but because I had a good time and felt good. I love running and it's nice when running loves you back.

Tomorrow it's 12 miles on the hills here in Edmond. I plan to take it easy and enjoy running with the Landrunners.
After the race my son and I had some fun with the camera. It's a good day, yea, a really good day.
Go RBR, dominate Napa!


PKPWV said...

45:19? I'm so depressed! I never ran a 10k that fast even when I was in my 20's-which I'm not anymore!! Oh well....I had a blast on my penguin pace! Cheering when the guy gave me my time at mile 5-which was more than 45:19!

Fun pics!!! Cameras are fun!!!

It looks kinda flat they actually have hills in Oklahoma? I want to see an Oklahoma hill!

Maurice said...

Great job on the 3rd place finish. Enjoy the run tomorrow.

PKPWV said...

it erased my comment!

Cool race number 1111 and even cooler that you placed 3rd...what's it like getting a medal for placing? I only get medals when I've crawled across the finish line of a marathon! I might have to celebrate your 3rd place by cracking open a beer!

PKPWV said...

Willie Willie Willie, when you live in southern california you ALWAYS have sunglasses on! The glare here can be quite bad!!! It hurts my sensitive eyes! Must protect my eyes for that's how I make my living-wait...I'm not making a living right now!

Pizza sounds YUMMY! So does wine-I'll be having some tonight. And then I'm up early tomorrow to go herd sheep!

PKPWV said...

Lots of glare here!!! Way too much glam for me to even think about!!

Hmmm...tomorrow. Lucky Velcro, mom will not be able to grab another dog!!! Tomorrow is a pre-trial run thru. Which means we'll be going thru the course and our trainer is going to score us! It's exactly what will happen next week at the trial except that it doesn't get recorded by the AKC. This is the first time we'll be entered into the AKC Course A started! It's a little harder for a cattle dog!!! I just wish someone was going down with me to take pictures!!! We'll have to round up the sheep. move them around the pen-I can't really follow much she has to listen to my commands, then she'll have to move the sheep thru a shute and across the pen(which is the very hard part for us) and thru 2 gates and then I have to put the sheep away! Highly stressful! Where are the big lumbering cows when we need them!!!

RBR said...

Lordy, you are fast my friend!

You were in the money and got a medal?!?! Major rockstar status! Sounds like a great run/ Glad to hear your are running pain free again.

Watch out OKC Marathon, I smell a PR!

RBR said...

Your fans appreciate the awesome pictures too! ;o)