Saturday, April 19, 2008

1 Week to go

I ran the final training run with the Landrunners this morning. It was another large group which is great to see. I also posted a topic on their forum asking if anyone wanted to continue the training runs after the marathon and got an overwhelming response in the positive. So much for my 6 weeks off!! I really enjoy running with the group so maybe I'll just cut out the weekday runs and substitute biking and swimming but continue with the long runs on the weekends. Yea, that sounds like a plan. Honestly there was no way I was going to make the 6 weeks off anyway. It just isn't in me.

The weather is getting nice here in the heartland and I am getting excited about running in the sun and taking my baby out for some long rides. Monday is supposed to be in the '80s so I'll probably take her to work. Poor neighbors get to be rattled out of their beds at 5 A.M. by the sounds of 1590 cc's of raw American made power.

I absolutely love running in the sun also. I can't wait for shorts with no shirt and lots of good sunshine reflecting off of my blindingly gleaming-white-midwest-German/French skin. Let me just apologize now to all the people at lake Hefner who will be loosing some eyesight in the next few weeks.

Weekly running summary

6 Easy miles on Tuesday in the wind.

7 mile tempo run on Thursday which felt GREAT!

10 easy mile this morning around Lake Hefner (well almost around, there's construction on the dam so we had to cut the loop short. Damn Dam construction.)

Pilates and stretching everyday.
That's it.... Gotta love the taper!

Massage issues

I don't know if I've addressed this here before so if this is a repeat for either of you, my apologies.

I am considering a massage this week to get loosened up and relaxed a couple days before the marathon. That thought brings much stress however. My wife bought me a massage last year after the marathon. It was my first ever massage and it didn't go well. I was excited about the prospects of a massage until I walked into the room. I wasn't prepared to have a young girl as my masseuse. Put another way, I wasn't prepared to have a pretty young girl rub her hands all over me while I was naked. Now do you see the problem! Ok, Ok, I know what your thinking, Willie, what's the problem?? This should be your dream come true. Well, your wrong! Having been married for 15 years it just felt uncomfortable to have my body violated like that. I came away from the experience more tense than I was before I went in.

So this brings me to my problem today. I want a massage because I know it will help but I don't want to go back to that place and I don't know anything about other places. I may have to do some shopping around. Would it be wrong to go into a massage parlor and scope out the employees? I'm not sure I want a man violating me either come to think of it, I think maybe a big German woman named Helga would be Ok. Why can't they invent robots to give massages? I'm I the only one who has this issue?

Maybe I'll just have my sons walk all over me like they do most evenings anyway. My 5 year old does a great job of beating me nightly so maybe that will be enough.

Don't forget about the woman's marathon trials tomorrow. I'm still looking for a TV or web channel that is covering the race live. I hope someone does because it should be a good race.

RBR is running a 1/2 marathon today so send good vibes westward. Southbay girl is herding with my favorite celebrity Velcro so send some good "cattle-dog" ju-ju that way also. Next week is the big weekend for everyone. Hang in there and we'll all get through this together.

Thanks for listening.


RBR said...

Very cool that your group is going to continue running together., It is more fun when you get to run together. Back when my run buddy actually ran. I really enjoyed it.(Boy, that sounded bitter)

Massage issues:

I think a lot of men feel that way. I always get a female masseuse because the whole "strange dude rubbing on me thing" creeps me out.

My husband won't do massages at all.For the exact reason you are talking about. He has a much cruder way of explaining it (all about class in my house!), but yeah, he won't do it.

One thing you may consider is a sports massage at a sports medicine clinic. It is much more down to business and less "incense and new age music" if you know what I mean. It can be focused on your legs and then some back and shoulders, whatever you want. They are usually a little more expensive, but not crazy.

Calyx Meredith said...

Sounds like you are on a great pre-race trajectory! Glad you are keeping your running group together - that sounds like a great move (even if it does snarl up the whole post-marathon break from running plan!) As for massage - RBR has a great idea about the sport clinic. My chiropractor had a masseuse in the office - and you could schedule with them for shorter, very focused massages - like for your legs or even one shoulder or something. And I know for a fact that most - even new-agey spa type places have no issue with you meeting or hearing about their different masseuses/masseurs. Lots and lots of people have various issues about massage - which makes total sense! Good luck with finding something that is comfortable for you. And have a GREAT week! It's so exciting to think about you all racing next week!!! What is your goal pace? What is your focus? (If you don't mind my asking! If you need to keep it closer to the vest - I totally understand.) Peace.

Southbay Girl said...

I don't think the cattle dog ju-ju made it to Escondido! But it was fun none-the-less!

Well....are you getting a massage? I love massages! I need one now actually! But most men I know-even the a-hole ex-tend to prefer a female over a male masseuse.... I don't care as long as they have strong hands! You could always think of it that way-they are just hands!

Must go to bed now...Night Night. have a great week if I don't talk at you, hear from you or blog to you....