Sunday, April 6, 2008

20 + 6.2 == One tired Willie

20 miles on the marathon course
Today was the last 20 mile run on the OKC marathon course with the OKC Landrunners. We started at the memorial again and this time I was ready. I had been feeling down most of the week because work is really stressful right now so I didn't have a good week of running or blogging for that matter. So I was somewhat worried about how I would run at this 20 miler. I remembered my Gel this time and was ready for a good run. The Oklahoma wind was really kicking this morning from the South. This made the first half of the run very fast since it was mostly to the North. At one point I was able to spread my arms out and fly down a hill! It almost seemed too easy! I was easily running 8:00 - 8:30 pace which is well ahead of my targeted marathon pace of 8:40-8:50 but I knew that the second half of the run was all to the South and that I would be paying for this fast pace soon enough. Take advantage of it when you can!

I waited until mile 10 to take my E-Gel and this worked out to be perfect. I hadn't yet tired too much and the Gel worked well for the next few miles. I think it kept my glycogen reserves up just enough to get me through the next few miles.

B.T.W. LOVE these things! They went down great and didn't dyhadrate me. I was able to stay hydrated for the entire 20 miles. This is something I have never accomplished before. I may have a plan now to get me through the marathon. I didn't have some stomach trouble but it started well before I took the first Gel and was probably due to my not running much during the week. I have always had stomach problems on runs that follow long layoffs. I think my stomach gets used to the easy life during these breaks and gets annoyed when I return to running so it throws a temper tantrum. OK so that's one theory, I'm sure there is a more scientific one but I like mine better!

So we turned South onto (The dreaded) Classen Blvd. to begin the run back to the finish and WOW! The Oklahoma wind stood me straight up and almost brought me to a complete stop. It was really blowing. Luckily I was running with two other guys at this point and we made a deal to share the lead and draft off each other. This worked out GREAT, I don't think I would have made it down Classen without their help. We kept a good pace, 8:30-8:40, but we really fought for it. We lost one of the guys along the way but I didn't dare slow down for him for fear of being blown backwards! I have never before been afraid of loosing ground in a marathon until today. I was seriously afraid of going backwards!

We finally made it off Classen for the last 2 miles. I caught a drink at the last water station and kicked it in. I ran the last 2 miles in something like 16:30. Garmin said I did the last mile in 8:06. WOW, I was hurting but still running strong. A good Omen I hope. I finished in 2:46 which doesn't take into account a pit stop along the way but I think I still broke 2:50 which is my fastest 20 mile.

Redbud Classic

While I was waiting to start the 20 miler this morning My Hero was there discussing the fact that she was running both the 20 miler and the Red Bud Classic 10K today at 2 P.M. The Red Bud is a BIG race here in the city and I wanted to do it last year but it fell on the 20 mile training day last year also so I skipped it. WELL, after My Hero mentioned it I got to thinking about it and decided that if I felt good after the 20 miles I would run the Red Bud also. The Red Bud is part of the running club series races so I would get points for completing it and since I am currently winning my age group (Shameless self-promotion) I thought it important to at least make a showing.
So after my good run this morning I went home and took a nap and headed for the Red Bud. It was PACKED! They sold out the race meaning I didn't get a timing chip which really bothered me since I'm not sure my time will count without a chip. Oh well, I'm here I might as well run. I started with the 8:00 mile group and quickly learned how many people were NOT 8:00 milers! Why must people start up front when they know they will get run over within minutes of the gun? I usually don't mind, people have bad days, or get confused about where to start but come on! I was already tired and really didn't want to dodge kids who were struggling to run let alone run an even pace. OK off my soapbox for a second day! I kept my pace just under 8:00 for the first 3 miles drinking HEAVILY at each water stop. I ran a 7:27 for mile 4 and then my body rejected me entirely and decided enough was enough. I managed to keep running but my body was pulling me hard to the curb to sit down and rest. My legs gave me the finger, and my stomach just laughed in blissful insanity. I finished in 47:58 and drug my corpse over to the FREE STARBUCKS tent! That's right, free Starbucks! It was hot so I had iced coffee but it was great. I made sure to chase it with water, and water, and oh yea, water.
So in total I ran a marathon today. Ok so I took a nap between mile 20 and mile 21 but I finished a marathon none the less. I think I did it to punish myself for not training well during the week and I hope I didn't hurt anything. I feel OK now and have iced all parts of my body along with massaging my legs. Tomorrow off, then another attempt at a morning run on Tuesday.
Bed time........
Thanks for listening


RBR said...

Sheesh Louise! Way to make us all look bad! Running a full marathon in training (nap notwithstanding)? Overachiever!

What a rockstar pace too! Whoa! Congrats! You are so ready for a sub 4 Oklahoma Marathon!

Southbay Girl said...

I really feel like a slug now! Way to bring us all down by being superhuman!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

Woo hoo!!! That's AWESOME Willie! And "my legs gave me the finger" CRACKED me up! Good thing I did not have access to free Starbucks at that point or I would have snarfled it all over my monitor. Enjoy the day off - you've sure earned it.
PS - We're seriously thinking about running in SF (the half since I'm no where near a marathoner). We have a training clinic in Pacific Grove on Saturday and SF is on Sunday. Are you thinking about running it?

Maryland Girl said...

You are super human! Way to go! I saw on the news that the storms were churning up in Oklahoma. I hope the twisters don't start pounding you guys.