Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last speedwork before the beloved TAPER!

Well tonight I did my last speedwork before the OKC marathon in 2 weeks. You know what that means...... It's time to TAPER baby! Yea, no more worrying about the miles, nothing to do but maintain my fitness level and rest my legs. I always look forward to the taper but in reality it will probably kill me mentally. All I have to do is read a few of my blog entries from back when my leg was hurting and I was unable to run and I see that I am not a good non-runner. And a non-runner is what I will feel like in about a week when I haven't run any significant mileage and I'm beginning to think about throwing in those last workouts just before the marathon. It's a mental battle that I hope gets easier as I do more of these 26.2 adventures. Then again, I'm stubborn so it probably will continue to my deathbed.

Tonight I did 4 mile repeats with and 800 meter rest between. My absolute favorite workout! I looked forward to it all day and couldn't wait to get on the track. Unfortunately the Oklahoma weather Gods have been restless lately and some pretty vicious storms have moved through and we are getting the backside winds. The wind must have been 40 mph out of the west while I was doing my miles. It was like running up a steep hill every time I came around the track. But on the backside, Whoa baby I was soaring! So much so that I almost was blown over a couple times. I did all the miles under 7 minutes which is fairly slow but given the winds and the fact that I am still tires from Sunday's totally STUPID brain-fart decision to run 26 miles I felt good about it.  

So I've got a glass of Old Vine Zin in my hand and a new episode of "The Office" just came on. All in all, a good night. 

Countdown to the OKC marathon and the Nashville 1/2 is at 2 weeks. I think I'm more excited about the Plannet Ynnep girls running the 1/2 than I am about my own marathon. Can't wait to hear how they do. 

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

I admit to a vicarious thrill for all y'all in these final weeks of countdown! Great speed work. Man, I'd love to be able to do that. Someday, someday, someday. (Maybe!) Good luck with the taper. I'm not a good one to offer advice (as I heart recovery times) so I'll just let you know I'm thinking of you in your enforced idleness! Peace.

RBR said...

"I did all the miles under 7 minutes which is fairly slow"

On what planet?! That is awesome. I know what you mean, I am so excited about your marathon (sub 4 baby! I can feel it!) and the Ynnep girls running Nashville together that I can barely stand it!

Oh, and today on the trail, what can I say? I am quite the vixen with the octogenarian set! *wink*

Maryland Girl said...

I'm glad we will have cheerleades from afar! We'll be cheering you on too!