Saturday, April 12, 2008

The ups and downs of Edmond

10 miles on the Edmond hills this morning. I almost skipped the run this morning because I was extremely comfortable in my bed and I was tired. I eventually drug myself out of the sanctuary and got dressed and made it to the run with only a few minutes to spare. The group was doing 14 miles on the hills but I had to pick my son up this morning so I couldn't spend the extra time on the last 4 miles. I wanted to get this last hill workout in though so I just cut the course short so I could end up back at my truck at the 10 mile point. 

Easy run turns ugly
I settled into a nice pace with my usual training group when I noticed we were running in the second pack right behind the fast group. This is not usually the case. Normally I only see the fast group at the start and then run somewhere in the middle of the group for the entire run. Something was amiss if I was this close to My Hero and the other fast runners. I asked Garmin for my pace and she said I was a bit fast but nothing outrageous. I guess those fast runners decided to take an easy day. Well after 2 miles they started to pick it up and my pack, for some reason, wanted to go with them. I stuck with them and we began running at, what is normally, my Tempo run pace. It is amazing how much harder the hills are when you are running hard! 

The Perfect Partner
I was hesitant at first but I really felt good so I pushed the pace even harder and eventually left my pack and ran with only other guy. I knew he looked familiar but it took me a few minutes to realize that this was the guy I ran with in the Beacon on the Bay 25K a few weeks ago. He was the one that I paced (i.e. tried to keep up with) for about 8 miles and he help me run one of my best races ever. Once I figured this out I mentioned it to him and he remembered also saying, "You were that guy that pushed me through that race". So I guess we both thought the other was pushing us. How funny! I guess every now and then you find that one person who runs just a bit faster than you but not enough that you can't keep up. The perfect training partner! 

I had the race doctor look at my leg again after the run. I have convinced myself it is a stress fracture because it has lasted since December. I explained where all the pain was, when it happens, and what I've done about it. He doesn't believe it is a stress fracture because those usually get worse the longer you run. My pain goes away when I get warmed up, it only hurts in those first few miles. I told him I was going to take 6 weeks off after the marathon just to let it heal. He recommended stretches to get me through and I'm going to schedule an MRI with him sometime soon. I have been trying to ignore this pain for awhile now but it's just so frustrating. I just want it to go away. It isn't stopping me from running but it does keep me from running everyday like I want to. Ibuprofen makes the pain go away but this won't help forever. 6 weeks off after the marathon, 6 weeks off after the marathon, 6 weeks off after the marathon. Just keep saying it, maybe it will seem easier. 

Since I won't be running maybe I'll get back on the bike and in the pool. A Triathlon this summer??? Maybe, we'll see.

Thanks for listening 


RBR said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. The PR today sure helps take the sting out of the "fat" comment from Dumber than a Bag of Hair boy.

Sure doesn't sound ugly to me. Sounds like you rocked your hill work out at Tempo pace!

I think getting back on the bike and in the pool to train for a summer triathlon is a FANTASTIC idea! That way you won't be going totally nuts when you take time off to heal your leg and you won't lose fitness, so when you are ready to run again you are all set.

Come on, come on! You know you want to!

BTW, your gear review on the Garmin in Calyx's blog was hilarious!

Calyx Meredith said...

RBR beat me to it! I was going to tell you that you should submit that gear review to Garmin. It totally cracked me up! I started to ask (on the off chance the universe ponies up with my millions and I send you a new Garmin 405) if your 205 would be jealous of a younger woman - but I then decided (perfect couple that you are) y'all could work it out. (You could be poly-Garminous.):D

As for your run - look at you - hanging with the fast dogs! I'm sorry to hear about that nagging pain though. Objectively speaking - with no bias whatsoever - biking and swimming would be the perfect training while you're not running for all those weeks after the marathon. And, if you're going to do all that cross-training, why ot have fun with it and race? Ahem, may I direct your attention to a marvelous little triathlon over towards Pacific Grove in September? Sure - it's far away from you, but you like to travel, doncha??

And finally, "Taper" - you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Southbay Girl said...

Hi. Sounds like a nice 10 miler. Glad you got it in....And I'm sorry you might have to take 6 weeks you know exactly what the problem is??? Has anyone been able to tell you if it's muscular, tendons. ligaments...????