Thursday, June 12, 2008


Have you seen this??? OMG this should be on the front page of every newspaper in the country!! I knew it had to be true, it just had to be. 

Now I can claim my daily trips to Starbucks are "training"! Here all this time I felt bad about it. Now if they would just publish a report claiming Whiskey actually helped men re-grow hair my wet-dream would be complete!

I have been hitting the gym all week. My abs aren't looking any better but my entire body, save the muscles in my toes, are sore. 

I ran Tuesday night with the RedRunner and we had a nice chat. It was really hot and I totally drenched when I got back home so I took the kids to the pool. 

Tonight I ran alone. Just me and the Ipod. I left Garmin at home. She's not speaking to me now but I just wanted to get out and get lost in some music and not worry about time for awhile. It was great and refreshing after a hard couple days at work. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I just can't seem to keep up and as much as I fight it I find myself drawn into the 
things I really hate doing and sacrificing the things I want to do. As I've said before I am blessed with a career that I love. I actually look forward to work everyday and miss it somewhat on the weekends. I know, I'm a nut, but there are things about the job that I don't enjoy as much as others. Probably because they are new to me. Normally I love doing new things but these are administrative tasks that I purposefully have avoided until now. 

So now I'm sitting on my newly stained back deck enjoying some Cranberry juice (no Vodka, damn it) the summer sunset, and some good new Kenney Chesney music. Have you heard, Better as a Memory? Great tune. 

Thanks for listening


Calyx Meredith said...

I hear you on the administrivia - always the worst part of any job I think! Glad you got to run and de-stress from it.

I just noticed your race plans in the sidebar. Are you really going to run FOUR marathons in two and a half months? Wowzer! Rest up now dude - that's a busy holiday season. :D

RBR said...

Hoo! That cracked me up.

If they came out with a report that chocolate cake made your ass shrink I would... well, I won't go there, but let's just say I would be VERY happy.

The cherubs are GONE! Back to their parents! For the entire summer! Bye, bye cherubs! Don't let the door hit you were the good lord split you!